COCOON Product Designers Win Red Dot Awards

COCOON Product Designers John Pawson & Piet Boon Win Red Dot Awards

We are excited to announce that two of COCOON’s products are recipients of this year’s Red Dot Awards in the Product Design category!

The Red Dot Awards give distinction for the best in design and business. The international design competition selects outstanding designs by an expert jury in the areas of product design, communication design, and design concepts. Manufacturers and designers can enter their innovations and designs into roughly 50 categories of product design.

Award Winner: JPSET25THERM

Red Dot Bath Set


The Red Dot Award-winning JPSET25THERM is a part of the John Pawson Collection for COCOON. The JPSET25THERM is the outstanding COCOON John Pawson Thermostatic Bath Fixtures with Floor Mount Bath Spout. The COCOON Floor-Mount Tub Filler Spout and Thermostatic (U.S. compliant) bath fixtures are designed by John Pawson. The fixtures are made of AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel and PVD coated in the finishes Brushed Gold, Dark Grey, and Brushed Inox. Additionally, the three finishes are made with NANO anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial coating for a flawless look. 

The bath set contains a floor-mounted bath spout and the choice of either a stick hand shower or a round hand shower. The thermostatic and 2-way diverter is complete with an advanced built-in system BOX13 with U.S. adapters for the easiest installation. 

The set is designed by renowned minimalist British Designer John Pawson. John Pawson has an emphasis on simplicity in all of his designs.

“This bathtub system impresses with a design that is reduced to the essentials and at the same time exudes high visual expressiveness.” – Statement by the Red Dot Awards Jury

Red Dot Bath Set


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Award Winner: PB Bath

Red Dot

PB Bath in Carrara supreme

The Red Dot Award-winning Piet Boon Bath comes from Dutch designer Piet Boon’s collaboration with COCOON. The PB Bath is an eye-catching, freestanding tub crafted from a single block of stone or marble. The double edge of the tub allows for a solid wood shelf to rest on the inner edge of the bathtub. The wood shelf compliments and contrasts the refined material of the PB Bath. The collaboration between Piet Boon and COCOON has resulted in an elegant, modern bath collection.

The PB Bath is available in 10 different natural marbles:  COCOON Bianco, COCOON beige, natural sand, natural beige, natural grey, natural light grey, Pietra Griggio, Griggio Amsterdam, Nero Marquina, and Carrara supreme. The wooden shelf is available in two color options: grey and smoke. The wooden shelf can be chosen to complement or contrast the color of the PB Bath stone. 

The PB Bath is also available in Solid Surface material. Solid Surface is a great option for a more neutral-toned tub. Choose between the colors chalk, shell, dust, pebble, earth, coal, and anthracite to find the perfect tub for your bathroom design.

“With their exceptional aesthetics, the freestanding bathtubs of the PIET BOON BATH series become a fascinating centrepiece in the bathroom.” – Statement by the Red Dot Awards Jury

Red Dot

PB Bath in COCOON Bianco

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