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Spotlight on COCOON Solid Surface

As a local distributor for COCOON in California, we work with designers, architects, real estate developers and home-owners throughout the United States. Specialty Hardware + Plumbing is excited to announce Solid Surface bath products, presented by COCOON.

Opening Soon: COCOON of Beverly Hills, flagship showroom.

COCOON Solid Surface Sample Guide

Download the COCOON Solid Surface Sample Guide

What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a material composed of a natural mineral filler and a resin binder. It is a synthetically manufactured material that has the ability to be poured and molded into any shape or size. Solid Surface material is also commonly known by the names Corian and HI-MACS. 

COCOON offers a wide variety of Solid Surface products such as the Piet Boon Tub, Atlantis Tub, Salinas Tub, Piet Boon Basin, and San Jordi Basin. The COCOON products are available in a large selection of Solid Surface colors including anthracite, chalk, coal, dust, earth, pebble, and shell. Solid Surface is a great choice for bathtubs because it is extremely smooth to the touch and has heat retention properties. 

COCOON Solid Surface Salinas Tub Earth

COCOON Salinas Bathtub in Earth

Top Characteristics that make Solid Surface a good choice:

Solid Surface is a great material because of the vast features and benefits it offers. It has received marks for being outstanding in many different categories: 

  • Colors (anthracite, chalk, coal, dust, earth, pebble, shell) 
  • Consistent pattern
  • Seam quality 
  • One-piece appearance 
  • Stain resistance 
  • Repair-ability 
  • Non-porous (will not absorb moisture)

Solid Surface also does not require periodic sealing to maintain its look and durability. The material has the ability to yield many design possibilities because it is thermoforming. Because of its thermoforming abilities, COCOON offers a vast array of Solid Surface products. 

COCOON Atlantis Tub Solid Surface Coal

COCOON Atlantis Bathtub in Coal

Environmentally Responsible:

Solid Surface is extremely environmentally conscious. The material is non-toxic, chemically non-reactive, and non-carcinogenic. Additionally, the material does not decompose over time. This means that the discarded material does not contaminate ground or water resources and does not affect vegetation when it is disposed of. 

Solid Surface material is certified recycled content by the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). The pre-consumer waste is recycled into new Solid Surface products to further eliminate landfill contributions.

Piet Boon Basin 60 Solid Surface Dust

Piet Boon Basin- 60 in Dust 

Care and Maintenance:

Solid Surface materials are designed to be extremely durable with very little maintenance. The material is easy to maintain its original condition if treated with basic care. Solid Surface countertops should avoid having direct heat placed on them. Products with strong acids should also avoid contact with the Solid Surface material. The material has seamless integration which creates a more hygienic surface material. The Solid Surface material is a durable, impact-resistant material that makes it chip resistant. 

Since Solid Surface material is non-porous, stains do not penetrate the material and there is no growth of mold and mildew. This makes cleaning Solid Surface very easy. Everyday cleaning only requires using a damp cloth or a gentle surface cleaner.

Solid Surface Chalk

COCOON Atlantis Bathtub in Chalk

Is Solid Surface the Right Choice for You?

Our COCOON Solid Surface products are a beautiful addition to your design vision. The COCOON products offer sleek, on-trend styles fit for your next project. Specialty Hardware + Plumbing can assist with pricing, design options, and finish match recommendations for the COCOON Bath Collection. For samples and more – stop by our showroom in the Los Angeles area or send us an email for more information. Shop now!

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