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COCOON JP Bath in Griggio Amsterdam

Whether you are undergoing a new construction project or remodeling your bathroom, the bathtub can be considered the focal point of the design. Bath lovers can agree that a freestanding tub will give you the best soak in the most elegant way possible. That is why COCOON, a luxury brand of modern and minimal design, has created a collection of free-standing tubs made from natural materials and quality craftsmanship.

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COCOON is based in the Netherlands, with production studios in both the Netherlands and near the idyllic Lake Maggiore in Italy. Lake Maggiore is one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes, surrounded by Switzerland Mountains and known for the foreign artists who have stayed there. The stonemasons of COCOON are from family generations who were responsible for building the Dome in Milan. Now, using the latest technology with locally sourced Italian and Spanish marble, natural stone, and modern sustainable materials to produce the washbasins and free-standing tubs. The decades of combined experience and award-winning designs reflect in all the products that COCOON produces.

JP Bath – John Pawson Bath Tub by COCOON

This freestanding bathtub is carved from a solid block of natural stone.  Designed exclusively for COCOON by the world-renowned architectural designer, John Pawson. Known for his minimalist aesthetic, Pawson created a tub based on the beauty of the natural marble stone. The bath drain comes in the same material and can be beautifully paired with the JP Collection of tapware by COCOON.

Since the walls of the tub are thick, it retains the heat better and is more insulated. It weighs approximately 1,763 pounds in the natural stone.

PB Bath – Piet Boon Bath Tub by COCOON

Crafted from a solid block of natural stone, Piet Boon designed this tub for the COCOON collection. It also pairs with a matching drain in the same material and your choice of a wooden shelf (grey or smoke).

Piet Boon, of Studio Piet Boon, is a renown Dutch designer with a contemporary COCOON collection of taps, showers, and faucets in his signature finishes, ‘gunmetal black’, ‘raw copper’ and matte ‘brushed stainless steel’. For more information on COCOON Piet Boon Collection, click here>>

The JP Bath and PB Bath by COCOON comes in a variety of natural stone (marble, granite, sandstone), including:

  • Carrara Supreme
  • COCOON Bianco
  • Natural Sand
  • Natural Beige
  • Griggio Amsterdam
  • Natural Light Grey
  • Natural Grey
  • Griggio Emperador
  • Pietra Griggio
  • Nero Marquina

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bath tub by COCOON

Salinas Bath Tub by COCOON

The Salinas is a free-standing tub by COCOON casted from a sustainable solid surface material, also known as, Corian, LG Hi-Macs, Silestone.  It is handmade in the Netherlands and can be beautifully paired with the COCOON collection of bath fillers and pop-up waste drains.

This is the larger-sized COCOON tub, easily fitting two people, with a rim thickness of .59 inches (15mm). The walls are thinner, compared to the COCOON Atlantis bathtub.

For complete dimensions, you can download the drawings.

What are the benefits of Solid Surface Material?

It is a mix of quartz with other raw materials that result in an extraordinarily hard and resilient solid surface.  It offers a beautiful application, similar to natural stone, with a wide range of colors and textures.  Since it is a non-porous surface, the COCOON Salinas tub is highly resistant to stains and can be easily cleaned.

Stone Color Selection for Solid Surface Tub:


The tub comes in six different stone colors, including:

  • chalk white
  • dust
  • pebble
  • earth
  • coal
  • anthracite

Download the COCOON Solid Surface Sample Guide

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Atlantis Bath by COCOON

The Atlantis free-standing bathtub is the smaller version of the Salinas tub. It is also made from a matte solid surface material of Corian/Silestone.  It comes in a variety of six different stone colors.

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