Minimalism Will Live On

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Minimalism Isn’t a Trend

You may have heard claims that minimalism is dead, but this simply isn’t true. To make these claims is to misunderstand what minimalism is and its lasting effects. 

Minimalism rose in popularity over the last few years. Followings of YouTubers, bloggers, and personalities such as Marie Kondo, The Minimalists, and Matt D’Avella skyrocketed as everyone clamored to figure out how to get rid of their stuff the right way. 

But COVID-19 lockdowns have left some people in barren homes that they don’t love and yearning for more possessions. Many regret stripping their closets, kitchens, and art supplies now that the outside world is less accessible. 

Does this mean minimalism is gone? No, of course not. Minimalism existed before you heard of it and it will live on, even if the mainstream focus shifts away from it. 

Minimizing Your Belongings Takes Time

Getting rid of all your belongings haphazardly for the sake of minimalism is unlikely to make a real change in your life. Having the right motivations and mindset when you decide to cleanse your home can reduce the likelihood of regrets. 

When you think of minimalism, you may think of clean, clear rooms in natural tones with next to no belongings. While this is a common perception, it isn’t necessarily the only form of minimalism. As long as the items you choose to keep are meaningful to you and have purpose in your life, they don’t have to be purged. 

The goal of minimalism is to take inventory of the items you have and become aware of their effects on your life. Items that have no function and provide no benefit to you take away from the ones that do. 

So don’t get rid of your possessions simply for the sake of getting rid of them. Minimalism is purpose-driven and takes place over the course of many years. It’s a journey, not a destination. 

Minimalism Provides Lasting Satisfaction

Reducing your belongings can change your life for years to come. Minimalism can help you break the cycle of shopping and relying on items for happiness. By scrutinizing future purposes to determine if they would truly improve your life, you’ll avoid bringing extra items into your life and save money.

By worrying less about material items, you can focus more on experiences and achievements. You’ll be less affected by decision fatigue over possessions — instead of spending 

your energy deciding on which shoes to wear or whether to keep the awful Christmas gift you were given, you’ll be free to spend your thoughts on more vital decisions.

Surrounding yourself with fewer items can also reduce anxiety and information overload. According to psychologist Lucy Jo Palladino, “Information overload occurs when a person is exposed to more information than the brain can process at one time.” A cluttered house contains a lot of information to process and can take up an incredible amount of space in your brain. 

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You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Creating a minimalist home can be tough but rewarding. Hire a specialist to guide you through the process.  You wouldn’t do your own surgery – experts are here to help you create the home of your dreams. Enlisting the services of a licensed interior designer and the team of creative people they bring with them is the first step to the warmth and peace of well-executed minimalism. 

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