Negative Isn’t Always Bad

What is Negative Space?

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Negative – when it comes to space or COVID tests – is not bad, in fact, negative space is a necessary component in art and design.

In any visual art, negative space is the lack of visual clutter to emphasize the focal point or points. 

When examining a painting, looking at negative space allows your eyes to rest instead of jumping between too many focal points. When a painting has more than one focal point, the negative space guides your eyes between them without causing strain.

Negative space is even used in writing. Breaking up paragraphs and inserting images creates a visual flow that’s easy on the eyes. It’s far simpler to read several short paragraphs than one long paragraph. Online, a “wall of text” is a common term used to describe writing without any negative space and is generally avoided. 

For minimalist interior design, negative space is even more important due to the added 3D element of creating a harmonious living environment. 

The Power of Negative Space for Minimalism

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The more negative space there is, the more you focus on what is portrayed. A canvas nearly empty except for a single tree emphasizes the tree even more. The same is true for a minimalist room. Minimalist rooms allow you to focus on the items present in the room. 

An abundance of possessions can make it difficult to determine which items you truly love. When you have fewer belongings that you can more easily see and use, you’ll be able to tell if you really need or want them

You’ll then be able to surround yourself with fewer items that make you feel happy. Knowing you use and love your belongings empowers your life and helps you choose your purchases carefully.

How to Create Negative Space in Your Home

In a home, negative space complements the furniture and artwork you own. Even a picture collage is often surrounded by empty wall space to create a showcase. 

Negative space in a home doesn’t have to be a blank white wall. It can simply be an area that’s less busy than other parts of your home. Choosing your negative space carefully accentuates your personal style and creates a peaceful, seamless appearance. That’s why minimalism can help you feel relaxed; less clutter helps your eyes rest. 

In a home, the added necessity of being able to move through a home easily makes negative space even more important. Consider arranging furniture to facilitate movement and open a room by creating more negative space. 

This also helps to show off the pieces of furniture and art that you love. When there are fewer items in your home, the ones you do have stand out. Curating a small selection of belongings that have personal meaning also surrounds you with positive energy. Living your life in a home that promotes uplifting feelings can make every day better.

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