Piet boon luxury taps

COCOON once again brings international award-winning designer, Piet Boon, and his exclusive designs to the luxury bath space. Piet Boon’s newest bath products continue to follow his design ethic of creating the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. He is most known for his iconic KEKKE design element as well as his distinct mixers with sleek levers and smooth 2-axis operation. 

With a passion for innovation, Piet Boon has created a line of new products as the perfect design solution for those who wish or need to work with smaller spaces, whether for a home, or a shared space. 

This items, designed by Studio Piet Boon for the COCOON collection, epitomize the minimalist charm and effortless architectural style Piet Boon is known for.

Ready to view these highly anticipated and newly released pieces? Let’s take a look.

The Piet Boon 10 Spout

The Piet Boon 10 Spout (PB10) is a simple, yet elegant wall mounted tap, faucet or tub filler for your bathroom, kitchen, or even outdoor spaces. The PB10 offers the flexibility of pairing it with any of the Piet Boon mixers and now comes in different lengths for your design needs: PB13 – 130mm; PB18 – 180mm and PB10 – 220mm. 

The Piet Boon 08 Single Hole Basin Mixer

The Piet Boon 08 single hole basin mixer (PB08) is everything you need in a bathroom faucet in a refined form. Its clean control mechanism is intuitive to use with its 2-axis design in a single lever, minimizing its footprint on your sink. 

The Piet Boon 11 Set Micro 2-hole Basin Mixer Set

The Piet Boon 11 Set Micro 2-hole basin mixer set (PBSET11 Micro) is a minimized version of Piet Boon’s best-selling, stunning PBSET 11 basin mixer. Perfect for when you want to achieve the same look with a smaller space. 

The Piet Boon 40 Floor Mounted Bath Mixer with Hand Shower

The Piet Boon 40 floor mounted bath mixer with hand shower (PB40) streamlines the tub filler and hand shower into a single design. Intuitive and sleek, The PB40 integrates the essentials into one beautiful product.  

Each COCOON trim is carefully crafted in AIS316L marine grade stainless steel and comes in a brushed finish PVD coating in Gunmetal Black, Raw Copper, or Brushed Gold, ensuring a high-quality lifetime finish. 

The Piet Boon MicroBasin 37

And last but not the least, the Piet Boon Micro Basin 37 is a minimized version of COCOON’s best-selling luxurious PB Basins. Measuring only 14.6 x 8.7 x 7.9 inches, it is the basin designed for small spaces without compromising luxury or functionality. Custom-made and handcrafted, the PB Micro Basin 37 is available in several natural stone or solid surface options. 

Execute the perfect minimal space by starting with a beautiful PB Micro Basin 37 in your desired material. Then complement it with the luxury tap of your choice in terms of style and finish: a PB10 Spout and a mixer, a PB08 basin mixer or a PBSet11 Micro. Effortlessly complete your minimalist bathroom look with an elegant PB40 tub filler. 

With COCOON by Studio Piet Boon’s new bath products, achieve that sophisticated, minimalist luxe look for your dream project, no matter how small – all without compromise. 

Discover Piet Boon’s new luxury bath products at COCOON Beverly Hills. Visit our showroom to see our COCOON collection of luxury bath products or contact us for more details. 


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