COCOON Beverly Hills showcases new bath collection

As one of the most important trade shows in Los Angeles, WestEdge Design Fair brings together artists, designers, architects and collaborators in the industry. The three-day event offers the best in modern design, with product displays, panels and networking to discover what is new and relevant.

Taking place in the fall of 2023, WestEdge was held at the iconic Santa Monica Barker Hangar. As an exhibitor, we were proud to present plumbing fixtures by Piet Boon and John Pawson, alongside the free-standing tub, carved from a solid block of marble. The design elements of the display are true to COCOON’s brand of Scandinavian minimalism with earth tones and natural elements.

The Design Fair was also an introduction to the Maison Collection by COCOON, designed by Tim Derhaag. Derhaag is an award-winning product designer, creating concepts for interior design, including lighting collections, tables, storage modulars and more. He brings real-world expertise to his product concepts, as an interior designer for hotels and residential projects.

COCOON on display at WestEdge Design Fair 2023

PB Bath COCOON Beige Marble

Carved from a solid block, weighing 1,300-pounds, Piet Boon designed the PB Bath with his signature Keke corners. This tub is offered in stone, as well as, solid surface material. Each tub comes paired with the wooden shelf for a luxurious soak. Seen here with the new PB 40 in raw copper, a free-standing tub filler and hand shower in PVD lifetime finish.

Purist Basin with John Pawson Spout

This free-standing basin is made from Natural Grey stone, a limestone sourced for COCOON’s collection. Seen here, it is paired with the JP 36, John Pawson’s floor-mount sink spout. It is controlled by using the JP 01 EXT, a progessive mixer handle on the wall in dark grey finish. The Purist Basin is offered in ten different stone options and the John Pawson collection is made in Dark Grey, Brushed Gold or Brushed Stainless Steel.

Concrete Tub with Brushed Gold Fixtures

Newer to the COCOON tub collection is the Atlantis and Zen free-standing bath tubs made from light-weight concrete. They come in eight different concrete colors with either an organic exterior finish or polished to match the interior of the tub. On display, the Atlantis-Concrete-05 tub is fitted with the JPSET25THERM free-standing spout and fixtures.

Maison Collection Basin + Spout

This collection is made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel. It offers the first deck-mount faucet setup by COCOON with hot + cold valves. You can also pair the valves with matching marble stone caps to match your basins and vanity.

View the Image Gallery to see all the photos from the event.

Missed the Design Fair? We welcome you to visit our showroom, COCOON’s U.S. Flagship Showroom to see these beautiful tubs, basins and collections in person.

COCOON Showroom Appointment

We welcome in-person and virtual meetings.

Welcome to the U.S Flagship Showroom + Distributor for COCOON

As we continue to expand our showroom and brand, we’d like to re-introduce ourselves to the design, architecture and real estate development industry. This year marks our 25th anniversary as a family-owned, small business, with three showrooms in Los Angeles, one location in La Jolla and California expansion plans in the near future. Specialty Hardware + Plumbing is the parent company of COCOON Beverly Hills. We are a full-service plumbing and door hardware distributor, focusing on modern and European brands.

We partnered with COCOON over seven years ago, and are honored to open the U.S. Flagship Showroom for COCOON in Beverly Hills. We work exclusively with the brand, offering our expertise and customer support to help fulfill the COCOON bathroom of your dreams. With our Los Angeles warehouse, we keep the rough-in valves in stock, as well as other items to make sure your project can be completed on-schedule. As the U.S. resource for COCOON plumbing products, we understand the code approvals, functionality, and bring our technical expertise to your projects.

As a distributor, we can help source and provide modern and minimalist plumbing brands to match your design aesthetic. Let us be your one-stop shop for faucets, showers, bath tubs, toilets, vanities, shower drains, accessories, and even door hardware to match COCOON’s finish, fit and scale.

It’s a Family Affair:

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing & COCOON Beverly Hills

Johnny Crystal, Jason Crystal and Sara Crystal

COCOON Showroom

The COCOON Showroom is located in Beverly Hills, California, conveniently located near the LA Design District. We welcome you to visit, as we’re open Monday – Friday 10:00AM – 5:00PM. No appointment is necessary, but feel free to call ahead if you’d like to schedule some time with a Sales Professional.

You will find on display at COCOON Beverly Hills, the John Pawson and Piet Boon bath collections. The faucets, shower sets and tub sets are paired with COCOON tubs, basins, vanities and large format stone tiles. As we expand our showroom, we’re adding the newly anticipated Maison collection by COCOON.

John Pawson in Brushed Gold with Salinas tub in Anthracite

Take a Tour

If you’re not able to visit our showroom, we’re happy to help assist with a virtual appointment. In addition, let us help with finish samples, architectural samples and personalized design expertise.

COCOON Showroom Appointment

We welcome in-person and virtual meetings.

Discover the Essence of a Piet Boon Kitchen with the COCOON Faucet Collection

Every Piet Boon kitchen is designed with a passion for natural materials and an eye for detail. Studio Piet Boon incorporates a kitchen concept “tailored to taste”, by being unique in form, material, texture, color and finish. The kitchen needs to be a functional space, but also an extension of the main living areas.

Dutch designer, Piet Boon continues to collaborate with COCOON to produce award-winning styles for the kitchen and bathroom. They embrace his signature aesthetic of beauty meets function. To learn more, click this article.

Custom Designer Kitchen by Piet Boon

  • Made to meet personal needs of the client
  • Structure each element to function perfectly
  • Kitchen Flagship Stores to see choose products in person
  • Serene color palettes and timeless design
  • Offering related products for a full-suite of the kitchen

PBSET 11 Piet Boon Kitchen Faucet by COCOON

Made from marine-grade stainless steel, this swivel spout and deck mounted mixer by COCOON can function as a kitchen or bar faucet. It is offered in additional PVD colors, including gun metal black, raw copper, and brushed gold.

Deck Spray for Kitchen Tap

From the Maison Collection by COCOON, the MSN 24 is a deck-mount spray that pairs with the PBSET 11 kitchen faucet. That way, you can have a fully functional pull-out spray for your kitchen area. It is produced in the same marine-grade stainless steel finish with matching PVD colors.


The Piet Boon wall-mount spout and mixer, PB SET01 can be used in kitchen, pantry or bar area. Offered by COCOON, this faucet is made in marine-grade 316 stainless steel with PVD finish colors. It comes in three different spout lengths.

COCOON PBSET 01 Gun Metal Black

PB SET11.Micro

A new offering for the Piet Boon kitchen area, COCOON added a new, smaller deck-mounted spout. The PB SET11.mirco is a versatile, swivel faucet that is perfect for a smaller countertop space or coffee nook.


Additional Piet Boon Kitchen Products

Step inside the Piet Boon design world in the flagship showroom. You will find ten Piet Boon concepts within 16 different kitchen setups including:

  • Lines
  • Frames
  • Mass
  • Signature
  • Edge
  • Minimal
  • Brutal
  • Contour
  • Landscape
  • Mono
  • Element

Are you designing a kitchen with Piet Boon by COCOON?

COCOON Beverly Hills, U.S. Flagship Showroom and distributor for COCOON, can assist with quotes, specifications and recommendations for how to design the kitchen of your dreams. We can share our expertise to match finish, fit and style with complementary kitchen plumbing products, such as sinks, pot filler, air gap and accessories. Stop by our flagship store, or reach out for more information:

More Information on the Piet Boon by COCOON Collection:

COCOON Showroom Appointment

We welcome in-person and virtual meetings.

What finishes does CEA offer for their bath and kitchen faucets and fixtures?

100% Stainless Steel – Satin or Polished – CEA uses AISI 316L for all its taps.  AISI is “American Iron and Steel Institute”.  L stands for low carbon and prevents impurities from penetrating the alloy structure. AISI 316L stainless steel is very resistant to corrosion and ideal for bathroom and kitchen areas.

What are the Top Benefits of CEADESIGN’s Stainless Steel Bath Taps?

  • Sustainability and environmentally friendly
  • Cold working methods for manufacturing
  • No hot melt treatment or thermal overheating
  • Long-term life of the products
  • Durable and 100% recyclable

What finishes, besides satin or polished stainless steel does CEA offer?

Black Diamond is an exclusive CEA black finish for stainless steel resulting from a deposition process through evaporation.  It emphasizes the natural qualities of the material and highlights the satin or polished finish. A biocompatible film based on graphite and diamond powder increases the gloss and hardness of the finish surface. This results in resistance to acid, basic solutions and solvents, plus safety from scratches and water lime scales.

Bronze, Copper and Light Gold finishes by CEA are stainless steel that emphasizes the natural qualities of the material and highlight the satin or polished treatments.  For these finishes, CEA produces a deposition process through evaporation which guarantees a hardness and the gloss through a biocompatible film that coats the steel surface.

Black Ivory Satin finish was made exclusively for the SIXTY project, a collection of taps and bathroom accessories are made from 100% stainless steel  The color is a reflection of the finest variety of coffee, a perfect union between materiality and tones of travertine titanium marble. 

The four Wood Essence finishes by CEA include: Oak, Burma Teak, American Walnut and Wenge. These wood finishes can be found in the Giotto, Ziqq and Bar collections by CEA Design. The steel and wood combination continues to characterize the design experience of the company and connections to environmental awareness. Mature solid woods are sourced from certified forests, treated with patented water-based and solvent-free varnishes. Similar to stainless steel, the wood is durable and holds up to extreme temperatures and humidity.

What colors are available for the hand shower hoses by CEA Design?

CEA offers a wide range of RAL colors to go with their hand shower and hoses.  You can choose from colors that are part of the RAL color code, including:

  • White – RAL 9016
  • Air Force Blue – RAL 5014
  • Cobalt Blue – RAL 5013
  • Anthracite Grey – RAL 7043
  • Quartz Grey – RAL 7006
  • Silk Grey – RAL 7044
  • Black – RAL 9004
  • Aqua Green – RAL 6027
  • Petroleum Green – RAL 5020

Get in Touch – CEA Design

Thank you for your interest in CEA Design products. For price quotes, showroom appointments or virtual meetings, please give us a call at (310) 935-3229 or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you!

CEA Bath & Kitchen Faucets

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing is proud to be a U.S. distributor of CEA bath & kitchen faucets. CEA was established in 1984, with the acronym of “Center for Alternative Energy”, CEADESIGN is known worldwide for their traditions, competence, and engineering reliability.  The headquarters for CEA sits between the mountains of Valsugana Valley, Italy in an energy efficient building that reflect the surrounding natural beauty.

CEADESIGN operates in three distinct areas, including CEADESIGN headquarters and production facility in Prove del Grappa, Italy; CEA Milano in Milan, Italy and CEA Ghent in Gent, Belgium.  In line with the principle of energic sustainability and social responsibility, CEADESIGN manufacturers products with the choice of low environmental impact.  The buildings where the products are made are constructed with renewable energy, recycled water and an intelligent ventilation system.  From the production area to the warehouse, showroom and personnel offices, each space reflects the natural elements of the outside environment with the use of wood and glass materials.

CEA Design: Top Products

As a local distributor for CEA Design in the U.S.A, we have expertise for code compliant plumbing fixtures and availability of top products for CEA. Let us help you with your plumbing schedule. Here are the top categories.

Top Principles of CEADESIGN

Technological Innovation:

CEA, also known as, “Centro Energie Alternative” invests in research and development of technological solutions for project design. The origins of CEA Design expertise can be traced back to experiences in the plumbing industry, installation and architectural demands. CEA bath products aim to support construction work through simplification of installation and long-term operational results.  CEA has several industrial and utility patents that enable a flexible approach to construction planning.

Culture of Product:

With each real-life experience, CEA takes feedback and creates new product ideas. With constant themes of technological innovation, sustainability and aesthetics being the founding elements of research and development.  Product training is organized with architects, design studios and CEA re-sellers.

Timeless Design:

The collections of CEA bath and kitchen faucets have simple and linear geometry to demonstrate a deep knowledge of design with architecture beyond time.  Tap designs and collections from top architects and designers, who have total freedom to chose their style and shape their ideas into reality.

100% Made in Italy:

CEA production facility is in the Bassano del Grappa district of Northeast Italy.  This part of Italy is a worldwide renowned area, known for mechanical engineering traditions, where quality and reliability derive from local synergies.  The production process of CEA Design is characterized by precision and manufacturing engineering: simplicity and craftmanship guide innovation and sustainability.


CEA produces their bathroom faucets and fixtures in AISI 316L stainless steel, which is a recyclable and high performing material. The raw material has low levels of carbon, so CEA does not need the use of hot melting, painting, galvanic treatment or other chemical processes to produce.  By producing the CEA tap ware this way, it does not release any toxic elements, and can be totally recyclable.

Eco Friendly:

Since CEA uses AISI 316L stainless steel, it’s a durable and hard material, which guarantees a long life.  The products are resistant to scratches, nicks, external agents, salt and sulfurous waters.

Water Saving:

In the CEA Design product range, water flow can be adjusted with aerators and limiters with progressive cartridges. Especially in the state of California, where CalGreen laws need to be met, CEA taps are water-saving and can meet code.

Low Environmental Impact:

At the CEA production facility, they adopted cold working methods and CNC machines for stainless steel manufacturing. All the energy that powers production is certified clean and water is saved, with waste separated to be recycled.  This reduces the impact on the ecosystem. 

Want to learn more about CEA’s Bath Products? Please reach out to Specialty Hardware + Plumbing for your quote today.

Get in Touch – CEA Design

Thank you for your interest in CEA Design products. For price quotes, showroom appointments or virtual meetings, please give us a call at (310) 935-3229 or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you!

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Are you looking for cold therapy or a cold plunge pool alternative?

Use the TechnoAlpin Snowmaking System to Escape to your Personal Winter Wonderland by Creating an Indoor Snow Room.

Welcome to the realm of luxury living with the use of your personal snowmaking system, developed by TechnoAlpin to create indoor snow rooms. Beyond their applications used for ski resorts, entertainment and wellness, snowmaking is now making waves in the realm of high-end residences with indoor snow rooms. Here we will unravel the luxurious side of TechnoAlpin’s innovation, exploring how indoor snow rooms are becoming coveted features in upscale homes, offering a unique blend of sophistication, entertainment, and wellbeing.

The Technological Marvel of Snowmaking System:

TechnoAlpin’s indoor snow rooms, renowned for their cutting-edge technology, bring the charm of a snowy landscape into any indoor space. The advanced snowmaking systems, specialized snow cannons, and precise temperature and humidity controls create an authentic winter ambiance, setting the stage for a luxurious experience.

Indoor Snow Room Features:

  • Room chilled to a dry cold of -10 degrees Celsius
  • Fresh layer of snow blankets the room each day for pristine snow quality, made from air, not water.
  • Simple maintenance, with special openings to provide access to the air conditioning units positioned up to 50m away
  • Intuitive to operate with a 7-touch display for ease of control and monitoring.
  • Automatic scheduler to program snow and defrosting times.
  •  Rigorous hygienic standards with microbiological analysis to ensure visitors encounter fresh snow each time
  • 4 different sizes to fit any dimension or design

Snowy Indulgence in Luxury Homes:

Customization and Design: TechnoAlpin collaborates with architects and designers to integrate these snow rooms seamlessly into luxury homes. From sleek, modern designs to more traditional aesthetics, customization options are limitless.

For homeowners seeking a private winter wonderland of opulence, an indoor snow room transforms a part of their residence into a cold spa. Imagine waking up to freshly fallen snow outside your window, regardless of the season.

Entertainment Lounges: Transforming a section of the home into an entertainment lounge with an indoor snow room or bar provides an unforgettable setting for social gatherings, parties, and exclusive events.

Exclusive Wellness Retreat & Private Home Gyms: Luxury homeowners can incorporate indoor snow rooms into their home gyms or fitness studios, creating a unique space for winter sports and cold therapy as part of their wellness routine. These rooms offer an exclusive wellness retreat, promoting relaxation and stress reduction in the comfort of home.

Sustainable Luxury:

Eco-Conscious Residences: TechnoAlpin’s commitment to sustainability extends to luxury home applications. The eco-friendly snowmaking process and energy-efficient systems ensure that even in luxury, environmental responsibility is not compromised.

Only a liter of water is needed to produce 5 liters of snow. To create a SNOWROOM, only 200 liters are needed per week. Then up to 80% of the energy used to operate a SNOWROOM can be recovered as thermal energy. The waste heat generated by cooling the SNOWROOM can then be use to heat a swimming pool.

Integration with Smart Home Technology: The integration of indoor snow rooms with smart home technology allows homeowners to control and monitor the room’s conditions effortlessly, adding a layer of sophistication to the overall experience.

Bringing TechnoAlpin’s Indoor Snow Rooms to your own home or project

TechnoAlpin’s indoor snow rooms, once reserved for resorts and entertainment facilities, are now redefining luxury living. The fusion of cutting-edge technology, health benefits of cold therapy, sustainability, and customization options make these rooms a symbol of refined living. For those who dream of waking up to a snowy paradise in the heart of their home, the TechnoAlpin snowmaking machine offers an exclusive ticket to a life where luxury meets the magic of winter.

View Indoor Snow Room Success Stories:

Explore different applications for the SnowRoom:

Explore the luxurious side of TechnoAlpin indoor snow rooms and imagine the possibilities of integrating this innovative creation into your own home. Whether as a statement of opulence, a wellness retreat, or a private entertainment space, these snow rooms redefine luxury living, turning residences into year-round winter escapes.

Design Options for your Snowroom:

  • Cubic Design
    • A modern design with thousands of tiny cubes which create a 3D effect, forming beautiful patterns with snow
  • Rock Design
    • Create your own rock cave or snow grotto. Designed with niches and corners where snow can form, forming a natural rocky landscape.
  • Stone
    • Designed to resemble rocky mountain ledges, the Stone design features rocky walls with crevices for snow to settle
  • Forest
    • Beautiful winter scenes are printed on glass and backlit for a realistic glow. A winter tree collects the soft snow.
  • Other customized themes

About TechnoAlpin

Since 1990, the company has been innovating the way we transform and experience snow. A leader in international innovation in snowmaking systems, TechnoAlpin delivers the best snow on the slopes, develops unique snow experiences and excellent snow quality.

All TechnoAlpin Indoor products are designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest standards.

The SNOWROOM is CE- and CSA-certified and complies with European and North American standards and regulations.

COCOON Uses High-Quality Concrete Technique: Flexible, Lightweight & Natural Material

COCOON of Beverly Hills, A Flagship Showroom

We are excited to announce a new collection from the COCOON Lab, presenting the Atlantis, free-standing tub and Bowl 1.1 sink in several concrete finishes. COCOON is a bath ware brand that focuses on quality, innovation, durability and sustainability. With a minimalist and modern aesthetic, COCOON features world renowned designers, Piet Boon and John Pawson for their collections of faucets, shower and bath sets, including basins, vanities and tubs.

Concrete Tub Material by COCOON:

  • Up to 80% lighter and more flexible than traditional concrete tubs
  • Little maintenance, as no wax or oil is needed to seal the tub after usage
  • Heat-resistant
  • Will not crack
  • Built to last a lifetime

According to the COCOON Lab Concrete Material Guide, their concrete finishes are made from a special, natural mixture and hand polished. Each tub has its own unique look, with a visual patina and variation in color.   >>Shop COCOON Tubs<<

Top Characteristics of a COCOON Concrete Tub and Sink:

Texture & Air Pockets: Due to the nature of the casting process, some air can become trapped within the concrete finish, causing small holes to form at the surface. These can vary in size, which adds to the natural, custom handmade process and overall unique beauty of the tubs.

Concrete Surface Variation: Each COCOON concrete tub is unique – no two tubs are the same. Keep in mind that there will never be a solid block of the same finish color, due to the variables within this specialized concrete mix. If you are looking to achieve a more smooth surface, there is an option of “Polished Concrete”, which gives the treatment an extra polish to smooth out the surface area.

Textural Flow Lines: The concrete mix is liquid when being poured into the mold of the tub or sink bowl, so textured flow lines can be expected some times. These lines are more visible when manufacturing the Atlantis bathtub, and is considered a part of the unique nature of a custom-made concrete product.

Exposed Fibers: The COCOON baths and basins are manufactured using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. In some of the cases, the fibers are visible within the surface of the material. These are not structural defects; the fibers add to the strength of the product to better reinforce it.

Concrete Colors by COCOON:

Concrete 01

Concrete 02

Concrete 03

Concrete 05

Concrete 08

Concrete 09

Concrete 10

How-To Guide to Care for your COCOON Concrete Tub:

  • Only use mild non-abrasive cleaners. Do not use scour pads, which will scratch the sealer
  • Avoid products with high levels of PH, such as bleach, nail polish remover, etc.
  • Wipe down after usage; don’t leave moist or wet products directly on tub for long periods of time
  • Direct sunlight can lead to discoloration over time

Looking for a Quote for a COCOON Bath Tub?

Each concrete tub product by COCOON is custom, made-to-order.  The production is 6 – 8 weeks with another 2 weeks for shipping, direct to your door.  To quote the price of the tub or bowl, we’ll need to add an export crate, plus include shipping costs, customs and duty fees.

For more information, email: or call 310-935-3229

luxury interior design transcends these assumptions and instead seeks to create elevated, customized living experiences that will last.

One challenge interior designers face is communicating the value of luxury to their clients, or, in other words, helping clients understand the significance of selecting high-quality products, materials, and services for the project.

Why is this a challenge? The word “luxury” can be associated with flashiness, extravagance, and unnecessary spending. However, luxury interior design transcends these assumptions and instead seeks to create elevated, customized living experiences that will last.   

Read on to learn how we communicate the difference to our clients. 

Connect the Product to the Desired Experiences 

Interior designers may find success when connecting the luxury product, material or service to the desired experience. 

Let’s Take a Look at an Example

Many of our luxury clients are stressed in their daily lives and are looking for serenity and relaxation in their homes. That is why we present many of our products as providing a spa-like or even a luxury hotel-like experience for our clients. For instance, our free-standing tubs. 

The COCOON Atlantis Free-Standing Tub

Installing a bathtub creates the opportunity to elevate a bathroom space and create the calming, spa-like experience the client desires. Additionally, COCOON tubs pair elegance and functionality with a design built to last a lifetime. 

The greater we imagine a product will enhance or facilitate a positive experience, the greater value we’ll see in it. 

Associate the Luxury Products with Solutions to Your Clients’ Problems

Generally, luxury clients value their time and are looking for ways to spend it more efficiently. This is why we find great success in solution-based selling to our luxury clients. 

We like to begin by asking our clients questions such as:

  • “What do you like about your current space?”
  •  “What do you hate about your current space?”
  •  “Does your current X help or hinder you?”
  •  “What about this process frustrates you?”

These questions can lead into “because you said you didn’t like “X”, I thought you’d like Y.” In this statement, it can be easier for the client to understand the value of the luxury item; it is a solution to the needs they have previously stated. 

According to Forbes, “Solution-selling is about maintaining an ongoing dialogue and being recognized as an expert with a valued opinion… During a presentation, don’t just do a product demo—focus on the challenges the customer is experiencing… They will perceive you as part of their team when you show interest in their work, listen to their pain points and look to find a solution instead of focusing on the sale.”

An Example

For instance, one concern we may hear from our clients is: “the hardware at our beachfront property constantly shows wear and needs to be replaced.” 

What solution do we offer? Some of our luxury products with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish.

We may suggest  this COCOON Piet Boon Wall Mount Rain Head that will maintain the same look and feel without showing wear as a result of its durable PVD finish. 

Shifting the conversation beyond the topic of price to creating value with your clients leads to deeper, more meaningful engagement.

Frame Your Product and Service as Aligning with the Clients’ Values

Today, many buyers choose luxury products because they may assert their status but because the brand aligns with their values. For instance, clients may pay more for products that are:

  •  Environmentally sustainable
  • Crafted by an artisan rather than machine made
  • Created by companies that treat their employees well
  • Made by companies that give back to the community 

For Example… 

At Speciality Hardware & Plumbing, we frequently encounter customers who prioritize sustainability. For these clients, we offer solutions such as COCOON concrete tubs. 

Why? These concrete tubs are:

  • Resistant to humidity
  • Versatile
  • Able to be paired with a range of accessories and fixtures
  • Long-lasting and incredibly durable
  • Up to 80% lighter and more flexible than traditional concrete tubs
  • Little maintenance, as no wax or oil is needed to seal the tub after usage
  • Heat-resistant
  • Will not crack
  • Built to last a lifetime

According to the COCOON Lab Concrete Material Guide, their concrete finishes are made from a special, natural mixture and hand polished. Each tub has its own unique look, with a visual patina and variation in color.

Learn more about COCOON concrete tubs, here.

When speaking with a client, it is important to introduce and explain the values associated with a particular product or brand. 

Visit Our Showroom

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing is proud to be your resource for timeless, minimalist, luxurious design. Our expertise lies in our experience creating the most impeccable designs for the highest quality homes and establishments.

For samples and more, stop by our Los Angeles showroom.

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design.

KBIS is an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry products, trends and technologies from hundreds of exhibitors.

What is KBIS?

Each year KBIS welcomes thousands of qualified kitchen and bath designers, interior designers, dealers, architects, showrooms, custom builders and remodelers. KBIS is co-located with the NAHB International Builders Show (IBS), which together make up Design & Construction Week® and draws over 90,000 design & construction professionals between both events.

Don’t miss out on connecting with an exclusive and powerful group of residential design and construction professionals.

When and Where is the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show?

KBIS is January 31-February 2, 2023 in Las Vegas. 

Over 400 exhibitors will be presenting at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year, with industry-leading brands like Caesarstone, Beko, Cambria, KOHLER, Moen, Samsung, TOTO and more taking to the floor.

Who Attends the Event?

Each year, thousands of qualified interior and bathroom designers, dealers, architects and showroom owners visit KBIS. KBIS co-locates with the NAHB International Builders Show IBS, which together make up Design & Construction Week(r). Over 90,000. design & construction professionals attend both events.

Learn more about the show on the KBIS website, here.

Until the Event… Check out our Showroom in Beverly Hills

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing can assist with pricing, design options, and finish match recommendations. For samples and more – stop by our Beverly Hills showroom or send us an email for more information. 

Luxury kitchens take the center stage in many modern homes and are considered the most important selling point in home buyers’ decision.  In fact, according to research, homes listed with “luxury kitchens” sell faster and command a higher selling price than similar-sized homes in the same ZIP code.

That’s why 80% of home remodeling projects take place in the kitchen, according to the National Association of Home Builder’s Remodeling Market Index survey.

Whether you’re an interior designer looking for inspiration or a homeowner thinking of designing their own luxury kitchen, you may not be sure where to start.

Read on for tips for luxury kitchen design as well as an inside look into some of our favorite faucets and hardware. Let’s dive in.

Prioritize Choosing a Perfect Faucet 

Forbes deems kitchen faucets “perhaps the most overlooked, yet most critical function in the kitchen.” Why? Homeowners likely use the kitchen faucet dozens of times each day. This means that the fixture not only has to be aesthetically pleasing and cohesive with the rest of the design, but must be durable and functional as well.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite faucets.

MGS Cucina Vela SD 

This is the MGS Cucina Vela SD Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Spray Stainless Steel in Matte Gold. 

The VE-VD-KF-SSMG is made from premium materials, this Pull Down Kitchen Faucet offers great function and value for your home. This fixture is part of MGS Cucina’s Vela SD Collection, so make sure to check out other fixtures to accessorize your room.

Learn more about this piece on our website, here.

MGS Cucina Nemo

We’re thrilled to present the MGS Cucina Nemo RH Entertainment Faucet. Shown above is the fixture in Stainless Steel Matte Titanium. 

You can check it out, here.

 The COCOON Piet Boon Deck Mount Swivel Spout (PBSET11)

The PBSET11 is made from premium materials and offers great function and value for a home. This fixture is part of COCOON’s Piet Boon Collection, so make sure to check out other fixtures to accessorize your room!

Moreover, this piece is available in four finishes:

  • Gold (shown above)
  • Black
  • Brushed inox, and
  • Copper

Find more Piet Boon kitchen products.

What About a White Faucet? We Present Vola

Vola carries white faucets in two finishes: White 18 (a polished white) and White 28 (matte white). 

What is special about these pieces? Take it from Vola:

“​​The key elements of bathing are surfaces, taps, spouts and water. Water defines the experience but surfaces, taps and spouts can shape and steer the experience. Touch can transform everyday moments into quietly satisfying rituals that enhance the user’s relationship with the natural world and ease the complexities and stresses of contemporary life.”

Don’t Forget the Hardware

Choosing the right hardware can make a significant difference in achieving the look of your luxury kitchen. From cabinet knobs to drawer pulls to door levels, we understand there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to designing a modern kitchen.

One of our favorite brands is Designer Doorware. Let’s take a look at some of their pieces.

Designer Doorware recently joined Forte Brands Group. Forte sources the world in search of the best and most desirable hardware brands. 

The full product line can be selected by use, including: sliding/pocket/barn door hardware; external door hardware; interior door hardware; kitchen hardware; bathroom hardware; show door hardware. Let Specialty Hardware + Plumbing help guide you through the selection process from beginning to end of your project.


Bullet + Stone Concrete Collection

The Bullet + Stone collection by Designer Doorware introduces three fresh designs of concrete door hardware. The three door designs, including the Concrete Club Lever,  Concrete Niki Knob and Concrete Quad Lever, come in 18+ special finishes. 

Concrete Luna Greyconcrete collection designer doorware

The concrete appearance for the Bullet + Stone Concrete Collection will have variations of shade and color patterns. The finish is called “Luna Gray.” Custom finishes are also available upon request.

The Monte Timber Collection

The Monte Timber collection by Designer Doorware combines a touch of American white oak or American black walnut hardwood with a solid brass mount.

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