COCOON Accessories

Bathroom accessories are essential in determining the mood, style and overall look of your space. By selecting pieces to complement your COCOON products, you can elevate the space and make the bathroom chic, luxurious and cozy. 

Since COCOON embodies a timeless, minimalist, and luxurious design, we suggest seeking accessories that align with those same elements. Not sure where to start? That’s okay – we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite accessories to compliment your COCOON products. 

Let’s Talk Towel Rails

When looking for accessories to complement your COCOON products, towel rails should be an important consideration. Why? Towel rails or racks can easily overpower or contradict a minimalist design. 

Additionally, towel rails contribute to the functionality of a luxurious bathroom design; owners should have a clean, easily accessible place to put their towels after using their COCOON shower or tub.

So, how do designers balance the need for functionality and minimalism when selecting towel rails for a bathroom space? We recommend the John Pawson towel rails. 

John Pawson Towel Rails

The JP Towel Rail is available in different sizes and combines perfectly with the rest of the John Pawson COCOON collection. The photo above shows the product in the brushed inox finish, but it is also available in brushed gold and dark gray. 

Check out these JP towel rails, here. 

Can’t Overlook Clothing Hooks

Similarly to towel rails, clothing hooks contribute to the functionality of a bathroom space. Let’s take a look at some hooks that complement your favorite COCOON products.  

John Pawson Clothing Hook

The JP Clothes Hook Dark Gray is made from premium materials and comes in two other finishes: brushed gold and brushed inox. 

Or, Consider the COCOON Clothing Hook “Short” 

This clothing hook is available in a variety of finishes, including:

  • Black
  • Brushed inox
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Gray

Check out these other finishes, here. 

Or Maybe COCOON Clothing Hook “Long” Is More Your Style

Like the short hook, the COCOON Clothing Hook “Long” is available in the following finishes:

  • Brushed inox
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Gray

Find more information about the COCOON clothing hook, here.

Don’t Forget Flush Plates

If you’re interested in minimalist designs for bathroom spaces, you’ve likely come across wall-hung WCs and concealed cisterns. However, you may have overlooked an essential piece of completing the design for functional and aesthetic minimalist bathrooms: a flush plate!

Flush plates are mounted on the wall and allow users to operate mechanisms with the touch of a button. These plates can come with a range of built-in smart features, such as sensor-activated flushing and a night light to guide you in the dark. Let’s take a look at our favorite flush plate by COCOON. 

COCOON Flush Plate

The COCOON Flush Plate (shown above in brushed inox finish) is made from premium materials and offers great function and value for your home. This fixture is part of COCOON’s Mono Collection, so make sure to check out other fixtures to accessorize your room.

This flush plate is also available in the following finishes: 

  • Black 
  • Brushed Inox
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Gray

Check out the COCOON flush plate, here. 

Think About Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders may seem trivial and, we admit, aren’t often the subject of most conversations about interior design.  These holders can, however, make a significant impact in the design of a luxury bathroom space. Let’s review some of our favorite minimalist options. 

John Pawson Toilet Paper Holders

These JP toilet paper holders are available in brushed gold, brushed inox and dark gray. 

Need a little help selecting the best fixtures for your products? Check out our guide, here. 

Easy Drain Tile-able Toilet Paper Holders

These holders by Easy Drain are installed inside walls and therefore allow users to save more space in their bathrooms – no need for a support bar! They are available in various finishes and have an optional tileable or stainless steel front. 

The Off White Toilet Paper Holder, by Easy Drain USA

Like the above holder, the Off White Toilet Paper Holder, by Easy Drain USA is also designed to be installed into walls in order to preserve space. This design also considers room for a toilet brush and holder, which can be easily tucked inside and covered by the door. This product allows for functionality and convenience without compromising the minimalist design of a luxury bathroom space. 

Users can also purchase a version with two doors – one door covering the toilet paper and one covering the brush set – for the ultimate minimalist look. Check out the two-door option, here.

The Details Are in the Drains

Drains are an important detail in any bathroom space. Not sure where to start when picking out drains for your minimalist bathroom? We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some options, whether you are choosing one for your COCOON tub or shower. 

The COCOON Pop-Up Waste Drain/Bath Drain

Available in 12 finishes, this drain allows the focus to remain on the main attraction: that beautiful COCOON tub. 

For Showers: Easy Drain USA Modula Trim Stone Flex

This drain by Easy Drain USA is a unique custom length shower drain that is developed for natural stone flooring of any thickness. This linear shower drain is installed from wall-to-wall and has an invisible appearance thanks to its frameless design. 

Working with Specialty Hardware + Plumbing for COCOON Bathrooms  & COCOON Accessories

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