luxury interior design transcends these assumptions and instead seeks to create elevated, customized living experiences that will last.

One challenge interior designers face is communicating the value of luxury to their clients, or, in other words, helping clients understand the significance of selecting high-quality products, materials, and services for the project.

Why is this a challenge? The word “luxury” can be associated with flashiness, extravagance, and unnecessary spending. However, luxury interior design transcends these assumptions and instead seeks to create elevated, customized living experiences that will last.   

Read on to learn how we communicate the difference to our clients. 

Connect the Product to the Desired Experiences 

Interior designers may find success when connecting the luxury product, material or service to the desired experience. 

Let’s Take a Look at an Example

Many of our luxury clients are stressed in their daily lives and are looking for serenity and relaxation in their homes. That is why we present many of our products as providing a spa-like or even a luxury hotel-like experience for our clients. For instance, our free-standing tubs. 

The COCOON Atlantis Free-Standing Tub

Installing a bathtub creates the opportunity to elevate a bathroom space and create the calming, spa-like experience the client desires. Additionally, COCOON tubs pair elegance and functionality with a design built to last a lifetime. 

The greater we imagine a product will enhance or facilitate a positive experience, the greater value we’ll see in it. 

Associate the Luxury Products with Solutions to Your Clients’ Problems

Generally, luxury clients value their time and are looking for ways to spend it more efficiently. This is why we find great success in solution-based selling to our luxury clients. 

We like to begin by asking our clients questions such as:

  • “What do you like about your current space?”
  •  “What do you hate about your current space?”
  •  “Does your current X help or hinder you?”
  •  “What about this process frustrates you?”

These questions can lead into “because you said you didn’t like “X”, I thought you’d like Y.” In this statement, it can be easier for the client to understand the value of the luxury item; it is a solution to the needs they have previously stated. 

According to Forbes, “Solution-selling is about maintaining an ongoing dialogue and being recognized as an expert with a valued opinion… During a presentation, don’t just do a product demo—focus on the challenges the customer is experiencing… They will perceive you as part of their team when you show interest in their work, listen to their pain points and look to find a solution instead of focusing on the sale.”

An Example

For instance, one concern we may hear from our clients is: “the hardware at our beachfront property constantly shows wear and needs to be replaced.” 

What solution do we offer? Some of our luxury products with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish.

We may suggest  this COCOON Piet Boon Wall Mount Rain Head that will maintain the same look and feel without showing wear as a result of its durable PVD finish. 

Shifting the conversation beyond the topic of price to creating value with your clients leads to deeper, more meaningful engagement.

Frame Your Product and Service as Aligning with the Clients’ Values

Today, many buyers choose luxury products because they may assert their status but because the brand aligns with their values. For instance, clients may pay more for products that are:

  •  Environmentally sustainable
  • Crafted by an artisan rather than machine made
  • Created by companies that treat their employees well
  • Made by companies that give back to the community 

For Example… 

At Speciality Hardware & Plumbing, we frequently encounter customers who prioritize sustainability. For these clients, we offer solutions such as COCOON concrete tubs. 

Why? These concrete tubs are:

  • Resistant to humidity
  • Versatile
  • Able to be paired with a range of accessories and fixtures
  • Long-lasting and incredibly durable
  • Up to 80% lighter and more flexible than traditional concrete tubs
  • Little maintenance, as no wax or oil is needed to seal the tub after usage
  • Heat-resistant
  • Will not crack
  • Built to last a lifetime

According to the COCOON Lab Concrete Material Guide, their concrete finishes are made from a special, natural mixture and hand polished. Each tub has its own unique look, with a visual patina and variation in color.

Learn more about COCOON concrete tubs, here.

When speaking with a client, it is important to introduce and explain the values associated with a particular product or brand. 

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