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What Fixtures Best Complement Your COCOON Products?

Now that you’ve successfully selected your made-to-measure, custom COCOON pieces, you’re ready to tackle designing the rest of the space. Bath fixtures can transform any bathroom into a luxurious and soothing sanctuary.

Since COCOON embodies a timeless, minimalist, and luxurious design, we suggest selecting fixtures that align with those same elements. 

Read on to how to elevate the bathroom space with fixtures that will complement your COCOON products without taking away from them. Let’s break it down, fixture by fixture.


Advantages of Bespoke Bathroom Design

Bespoke bathroom designs combine luxury and functionality in customizable solutions. Bathrooms can significantly elevate a property. In fact, Zillow predicts an average bathroom remodel has a national average return on investment (ROI) of 72.7%.


Luxury Design with Piet Boon and COCOON

Luxury design focuses on elegance, utility, and comfort. Modern luxury designers aim to create aesthetic, serene, and functional spaces to instill calmness and peace for the owners. To achieve a design that evokes relaxation, designers implement elements such as minimalism, clean lines, and neutral palettes with purposeful pops of color. The Piet Boon Collection by COCOON offers products to seamlessly deliver these elements and help designers achieve aesthetic, relaxing, and functional luxury designs. 


No, Minimalism Isn’t Dead — Here’s Why.

You may have heard claims that minimalism is dead, but this simply isn’t true. To make these claims is to misunderstand what minimalism is and its lasting effects. 

Minimalism rose in popularity over the last few years. Followings of YouTubers, bloggers, and personalities such as Marie Kondo, The Minimalists, and Matt D’Avella skyrocketed as everyone clamored to figure out how to get rid of their stuff the right way. 

But COVID-19 lockdowns have left some people in barren homes that they don’t love and yearning for more possessions. Many regret stripping their closets, kitchens, and art supplies now that the outside world is less accessible. 

Does this mean minimalism is gone? No, of course not. Minimalism existed before you heard of it and it’ll live on, even if the mainstream focus shifts away from it. 


The Positive Effects of Negative Space

Negative space isn’t bad — in fact, it’s a necessary component in art and design. In any visual art, negative space is the lack of visual clutter to emphasize the focal point or points. 

When examining a painting, looking at negative space allows your eyes to rest instead of jumping between too many focal points. When a painting has more than one focal point, the negative space guides your eyes between them without causing strain.


5 Hallmarks of Great Minimalist Design

The philosophy of minimalist interior design is to reduce the amount of items and possessions in a room to create a peaceful space. Minimalist rooms may have few pieces of furniture in them, but they’re anything but barren. A well-designed minimal environment combines a number of purposeful factors to design a harmonious and beautiful space.


Minimalism and Dutch Design

Why Designers choose minimalist concepts for high-end projects.

Our busy lives are crammed with daily interactions, high-stress decisions, and an unlimited palette of experiences.  The simplicity and elegance of minimalist design allows the home to be the place of true rest, an escape from the pressures of the outside world.