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Marble or natural stone has been used in classic architectural design for centuries and the use of this prized material has continued into modern architecture. Known for its beauty as well as its durability, marble has stood the test of time and tradition. 

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What is Marble, or more commonly referred to as Natural Stone?

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms naturally when limestone is subjected to immense heat and pressure for long periods of time. The result of this natural rock formation process is a beautiful, translucent stone that allows light to enter and produce a soft “glow”. A pure marble would be nearly completely white or very light in color. The presence of mineral deposits (or impurities) during the transformation of the limestone to marble bring about different marble colors and the unique veining of each slab. 

Marble in History, Art & Architecture

The material of choice for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects, marble became a cultural symbol of art, class, luxury and elegance. This was not only because of its natural beauty, but also because of the technical skill required to carefully extract and work with natural stone. This still holds true to this day, making natural stone a timeless architectural feat. 

One of the earliest marble statues is the statue of a kouros (youth), which was carved in Attica, Greece approximately in 590-580 B.C., more than 2600 years ago. The oldest standing marble building in Rome is the Temple of Hercules Victor, was built around 120 B.C – that’s more than 21 centuries ago. And the reason why we know this is because they still exist to this day.  

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Marble’s Beautiful Range of Colors:

Marble comes in a variety of colors depending on its origins and the natural process it has undergone. Marble would be one solid color were it not for the presence of mineral deposits during the natural transformation process. It is these “impurities” that bring out the distinct character, luxurious color and beautiful patterns. And, because of this, no two slabs of stone will ever be exactly the same. 

What is the difference between honed and polished marble finishes?

Honed marble has a matte, unpolished finish and will have a more natural look. Because of its rougher surface, honed marble is not prone to visible scratches. However, because the surface is more porous, it can be prone to staining.  Polished marble has a smooth, bright, reflective surface. It might be more prone to visible scratches because of its shiny surface, however, it is more effective at repelling liquids and stains. Each stone is still sealed using a water repellant product made to protect the surface. 

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COCOON Custom Natural Stone Products:

COCOON offers luxury, bespoke baths, basins, and vanities from the Piet Boon, John Pawson, and COCOON Lab collections in minimalist yet luxurious designs. Versatile and sustainable, they are fabricated in Spain using the world’s best natural materials and one-of-a-kind natural stones. Each custom order from COCOON is a piece of art, fabricated by skilled masons in Spain to last a lifetime. 

Premier Marble Stone by COCOON:

  • Carrara Supreme – cool white stone with thin, feathery veins
  • Griggio Amsterdam – beautiful watercolor grey and beige with branching white veins
  • COCOON Bianco – classic, veined white marble
  • COCOON Beige – a creamy beige marble with various shades and soft white veining
  • Pietra Griggio – a muted charcoal grey and black toned natural stone with bold white veining
  • Nero Marquina – a strong black natural stone with bold white veins

Primary Stone or Limestone by COCOON:

  • Natural Sand – a neutral tone that resembles soft, smooth grains of sand in color, appearance and texture
  • Natural Beige – a smooth stone with soft beige tones and subtle mineral deposits all throughout
  • Natural Light Grey – a smooth, warm grey resembling natural rock in color, appearance and texture. Offers a nearly consistent shade of natural light grey color and pattern.
  • Natural Grey – a smooth dark grey stone, speckled with various minerals and subtle swirls of a lighter grey.

How-to Care for your COCOON Stone Bath Products

Do you already own a COCOON Stone Bath Product? Are you hesitant about purchasing from the COCOON natural stone collection because they seem “high maintenance”?  

Marble or natural stone products are actually relatively easy to maintain following these simple guidelines. Properly caring for your COCOON Stone Bath Products will ensure that you enjoy your basin, bath, or vanity for a lifetime. 

Here are some easy guidelines to remember: 

  • Avoid using any acidic, corrosive, or abrasive cleaning materials on or near your COCOON stone.  
  • Immediately clean and wipe away any substances or stains on the surface 
  • Do not leave wet objects directly on the surface for a prolonged period of time. Use a coaster if needed 
  • Do not place hot objects, such as hair irons, on the stone 
  • Do not use your stone product as a cutting surface to preserve its smooth finish and water repellant properties 

To clean your COCOON stone products, simply use a clean, soft cloth with warm water. You may also mix in a gentle liquid soap and wipe away any dust or dirt. Then, using a clean, dry cloth, wipe down your stone product to dry it.  

To maintain its water repellant seal, you should have your stone product re-sealed by your local stone mason once a year. 

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