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Natural Seamless Walls and Floors 

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COCOON on display at COCOON of Beverly Hills

Senso walls and flooring create a seamless, united interior. Walls and floors are an integral element of any space, and Senso products accentuate the beauty in your interior design.  

If you desire a minimalistic look, consider Senso flooring and walls for a seamless appearance that allows for additional textures and colors to stand out. Senso decorative plaster walls and floors are produced from quartz composites and water-based polymers. Senso is a perfect alternative to tiles and it’s material has extreme water resistance properties. The walls and flooring are completely resistant to limescale and mold, making it the perfect substitute for tiles. 

Senso is a winner of the 2020 Red Dot Awards for “challenging the status quo” due to its outstanding production using a vegetable basis of biopolymers to protect the environment and create a warm and welcoming space.

Is Resin Flooring Good?

COCOON on display at COCOON of Beverly Hills

Senso is the world’s first sustainable, fully recyclable, seamless natural flooring. Senso is produced from natural ingredients to contribute to a healthier living environment. This flooring is made without any harsh chemicals that impact indoor air quality. Senso strives to produce products that have as little impact on the environment as possible. The company has the goal to make products that unite people with their spaces while lasting as long as possible with minimal environmental impact.

Senso offers high-end quality with environmental consciousness. Senso’s product is made 65% from plant oil. The oil is sourced from a plant that requires minimal water to produce a product that is free of harmful side effects and substances. The flooring is also completely recyclable and is repurposed as filler for the flooring instead of mining for quartz filler. Senso has an extreme emphasis on producing environmentally conscious products and continuing to develop new sustainable practices.

Tadelakt is the Newest Trend

Tadelakt, also known as Venetian plaster, means “to rub” or “knead” and is a similar concrete seamless surface to Senso walls and flooring. It is a technique used to create waterproof and mold-resistant surfaces. The process of creating Tadelakt is tedious and requires six to seven coats of plastering and burnishing. Additionally, Tadelakt can run on the pricier side. If you are trying to design the Tadelakt or plaster look, consider Senso as an easier option to achieve seamless walls and floors.

Piet Boon by Senso

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Piet Boon is currently partnered with Senso to provide an enriched flooring option. Studio Piet Boon’s Senso collection has the philosophy of balancing functionality, aesthetics, and individuality. Piet Boon by Senso is consistent with having high-quality natural materials. 

Piet Boon by Senso is based on three material concepts: Titan, Fusion, and Grain. Eight exclusive colors are offered in this collection: Smoke, Bone, Shell, Pebble, Mud, Terra, Slate, and Forest. The Fusion collection offers a smooth matte finish by mixing two colors. The Grain collection gives the Fusion collection a textured appearance. This is done without using marble or weft materials, and instead by “peppering” the surface with fired dried quartz. The Titan collection gets its inspiration from Terrazzo Italian floors. Broken marble is mixed with cement to achieve a beautiful, seamless floor. 

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