luxury and comfort living room with gray details and minimalistic style

For interior designers, combining modern luxury with comfort is essential… But not always an easy feat.

The combination of luxury and comfort allows individuals to imagine themselves in the home; for example, relaxing on the couch beneath a lush blanket, taking a bath in the spa-like bathroom, and cooking their favorite meal in a top-of-the-line kitchen.

However, designers may find it difficult to balance the sophisticated elements they want into a space while still making the home feel warm and inviting.

That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of tips to help designers accomplish the perfect mix of elevated design, comfort, and functionality (and some brands that epitomize these ideas, but more on that later!)

How to Make a Modern Luxury Interior Design Comfortable and Functional

Let’s Talk Texture: Incorporate High-Quality, Cozy Textiles

Rich fabrics complete a luxurious interior design. By including a variety of high-quality textures, a space can feel cozy without sacrificing sophistication. For some interior designers, texture may take the form of a curated collection of throw pillows and blankets on the couch or in a relaxing reading nook.

Is minimalism more your style? That doesn’t mean you have to give up cozy textiles in your design. We are partial to minimalist luxury interior design—such as pictured above—by designers such as John Pawson and Piet Boon. The above photo includes designs from Piet Boon and perfectly mixes luxurious comfort with a minimalist touch. Learn more about Piet Boon.

Consider Natural Materials and Colors

Genuine high-quality materials, such as solid wood and natural stone, create sophisticated, warm atmospheres. For example, the Free Standing Soaking Tub by COCOON, pictured above, is made from premium materials and offers great function and value for a luxury home. The Concrete-05 finish is shown above, but the finishes Concrete 01-10 are also available, ranging from lighter to darker shades.

Or, the JP Bath

We also adore the Natural Stone Free Standing Soaking Tub from the John Pawson COCOON Collection. The tub, shown above in Pietra Grigio, is available in many shades, such as natural sand, for those who may love the tub but prefer a lighter finish.

Read on to learn how to make a modern home feel like a luxury hotel.

Make the Bathroom Feel like a Spa

Spa-like bathrooms evoke a sense of luxury and comfort. After all, what could be more comfortable than a bubble bath with lit candles and a chilled glass of white (or red!) wine?

The good news for interior designers: You don’t have to have a large bathroom space to create a sophisticated yet functional spa bathroom. Instead, designers can opt for elements such as:

  • Rich colors
  • Natural materials
  • Customized organization 

Learn more about the advantages of bespoke bathroom design.

Invite Nature Inside

A hint of nature can add life and charm to any space. This touch can be as simple as a vase of flowers on the table, a larger plant (such as birds of paradise) in the corner of the room, or even eucalyptus in the spa.

Other elements may include stones, pieces of driftwood or weathered wood, and sand.

Interested in similar designs for inspiration? Check out our Pinterest.

Maximize Space

Space is a luxury in itself. Interior designers can make a home feel sophisticated through careful consideration of scale.

Without purposeful use of the space, a home can feel overcrowded.

Brands That Perfectly Mix Modern Luxury with Comfort


COCOON embodies bespoke, minimalist, luxurious design. The products are versatile, sustainable, and built with the world’s best materials: Unique natural stone, solid surface, and concrete.

Interested in learning more about COCOON? Download our 2022 Lookbook.

In this lookbook, we walk you through the different options from the collections of Piet Boon and John Pawson, to the COCOON Lab, including the bathtubs, basins, taps, and accessories.

Mr. Steam

The Mr. Steam product line is a perfect match for interior designers who want to “think outside the tub” and provide a luxurious spa experience without compromising functionality.

Mr. Steam offers contemporary, technologically advanced products such as steam generators, soothing aromatherapy, and chromatherapy.

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing is honored to be the premier U.S. distributor of Mr. Steam, with a flagship showroom located in Beverly Hills, California. It is conveniently located in Los Angeles, just a couple of hours from San Diego, Orange County, and the Santa Barbara area. 

Shop the Mr. Steam collection.


Zuc­chet­ti is one of the oldest Italian kitchen and bath fittings designer companies. In fact, Zuccheti is still in operation in Italy.

The company designs and manufactures uniquely styled fau­cets in Italy’s Piedmont area using components made either in-house or purchased from European sources.

Shop Zucchetti.

Crosswater London

Crosswater London is the leading supplier of premium products for the bathroom in Europe. Their legacy expands as they bring products with superior quality and unrivaled performance to the U.S.

Shop Crosswater London.

Let’s Talk Modern Luxury Interior Design, Shall We? 

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Our expertise lies in our experience creating the most impeccable designs for the highest quality homes and establishments. Send us an email for more information. 

Read on to learn how to make your client’s house goals become a reality.

You may have heard claims that minimalism is dead, but this simply isn’t true. To make these claims is to misunderstand what minimalism is and its lasting effects. 

Minimalism rose in popularity over the last few years. Followings of YouTubers, bloggers, and personalities such as Marie Kondo, The Minimalists, and Matt D’Avella skyrocketed as everyone clamored to figure out how to get rid of their stuff the right way. 

But COVID-19 lockdowns have left some people in barren homes that they don’t love and yearning for more possessions. Many regret stripping their closets, kitchens, and art supplies now that the outside world is less accessible. 

Does this mean minimalism is gone? No, of course not. Minimalism existed before you heard of it and it’ll live on, even if the mainstream focus shifts away from it.