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Installation Basics of a Steam Shower 

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In order to ensure the best experience of a steam shower for the home, we turn to MrSteam for the installation basics.

Depending on the scope of the project, you can convert an existing shower into a personal steam shower or take a new space and build-out a steam spa. You will want to consider the overall space, interior plumbing, electrical for the steam generator, materials needed, and ventilation.

First, you must consider the size of the space and materials used. An easy formula, provided by MrSteam for the volume of the steam shower is V=LxWxH. This helps you select the appropriate size of the steam generator. Also, consider the Anthropmentry for maximum comfort, which MrSteam recommends for one person is 3′ x 3′ x 7′.

MrSteam sizing

Ceiling Height for Steam Shower

According to MrSteam, an 8-foot ceiling is optimal for a home steam room.

As steam rises, the laws of physics dictate that steam will go to ceiling height, so you don’t want to design a space that is too tall. If you raise the height of the ceiling above 8′, you will need to order a larger steam generator.

Regarding the slope of the ceiling, it’s not necessary to design a slope to the ceiling, unless the steam room is used for over 45-minutes at a time.

How-To Maximize for Comfort in your Steam Shower

Since the whole goal of a steam shower is to induce relaxation, there are several steps to make that a reality.

  1. Bench seating: whether you create a built-in or install a shower seat that folds up, the minimum depth should be 15″ and 18″ tall.
  2. Control Placement: For convenient access, the steam shower control should be mounted 4′ to 5′ above the finished floor and on the wall opposite of the steam head. This will help read the temperature accurately, with ease of use.
  3. Placement of the Steam Head and Floor Drain: The steam head should be placed 6″ to 12″ from the shower floor and opposite wall from the control. It seems obvious, but make sure the steam head is placed away from the bather’s head, body, and feet.  Consider a linear floor drain, like ESS | Easy Drain.
ESS Easy Drain simplistic marble stone drain for shower

Linear Drain for Steam Shower

Water Proof your Steam Shower

In order to prevent mold and mildew, for the optimal clean steam bath environment, there are several options. You can hot mop, add a vapor barrier or use a Closed Cell Membrane (Wedi-Board, for example).  For more information, you can visit the Tile Council of North America – see there FAQ about steam rooms.

Plumbing Connections & Electrical for Steam Generator

Your plumber should use brass or copper pipe only, and lower the incoming water pressure (PRV) 15-25 PSI. Also, use the threaded unions for easier repairs.

Plan for these connections:

  • 3/8″ water line to the steam generator
  • 1/2″ steam line from the generator to the steam room
  • 1/2″ drain line

The electrician will need 240V household electric, with single-phase and a dedicated circuit breaker.  No GFI is necessary.

Where to Place the Steam Generator

There are several locations that you can easily place the steam generator, including a heated attic space, in a nearby closet, or even a built-in shower bench (as long as it’s not exposed to the inside of the steam shower).

MrSTeam generator

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MrSteam How To: Steam Generator with iSteam3 Control Installation from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

Planning for Materials & Lighting

Keep in mind, materials matter when it comes to the steam shower spa. To maximize effectiveness, please choose non-porous materials, such as tile or marble for the walls.

Lighting also makes a big difference in a steam room. MrSteam suggests recessed task lighting, using energy-efficient halogen 75-watt lamps that are designed for steam room moisture and high-temperature levels.

Ventilation Tips for the Steam Shower

The easiest and quickest way to dissipate steam is to turn on the cold water for 15-30 seconds.

You can also install a standard bathroom exhaust fan with louvers to help prevent mildew.

Try adding niches for shower items to keep the space clean and more appealing to the eye.

Now that you have followed the best practices of installing a steam shower with MrSteam, you can choose the components to finish the spa.

With each MrSteam you are able to customize your steam spa experience with the added components and accessories.  This is a list of elements that bring your steam to the next level:

iDREAM Package by MrSteam

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Are you Ready to Finalize your Steam Room Spa Goals?

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