COCOON Uses High-Quality Concrete Technique: Flexible, Lightweight & Natural Material

COCOON of Beverly Hills, A Flagship Showroom

We are excited to announce a new collection from the COCOON Lab, presenting the Atlantis, free-standing tub and Bowl 1.1 sink in several concrete finishes. COCOON is a bath ware brand that focuses on quality, innovation, durability and sustainability. With a minimalist and modern aesthetic, COCOON features world renowned designers, Piet Boon and John Pawson for their collections of faucets, shower and bath sets, including basins, vanities and tubs.

Concrete Tub Material by COCOON:

  • Up to 80% lighter and more flexible than traditional concrete tubs
  • Little maintenance, as no wax or oil is needed to seal the tub after usage
  • Heat-resistant
  • Will not crack
  • Built to last a lifetime

According to the COCOON Lab Concrete Material Guide, their concrete finishes are made from a special, natural mixture and hand polished. Each tub has its own unique look, with a visual patina and variation in color.   >>Shop COCOON Tubs<<

Top Characteristics of a COCOON Concrete Tub and Sink:

Texture & Air Pockets: Due to the nature of the casting process, some air can become trapped within the concrete finish, causing small holes to form at the surface. These can vary in size, which adds to the natural, custom handmade process and overall unique beauty of the tubs.

Concrete Surface Variation: Each COCOON concrete tub is unique – no two tubs are the same. Keep in mind that there will never be a solid block of the same finish color, due to the variables within this specialized concrete mix. If you are looking to achieve a more smooth surface, there is an option of “Polished Concrete”, which gives the treatment an extra polish to smooth out the surface area.

Textural Flow Lines: The concrete mix is liquid when being poured into the mold of the tub or sink bowl, so textured flow lines can be expected some times. These lines are more visible when manufacturing the Atlantis bathtub, and is considered a part of the unique nature of a custom-made concrete product.

Exposed Fibers: The COCOON baths and basins are manufactured using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. In some of the cases, the fibers are visible within the surface of the material. These are not structural defects; the fibers add to the strength of the product to better reinforce it.

Concrete Colors by COCOON:

Concrete 01

Concrete 02

Concrete 03

Concrete 05

Concrete 08

Concrete 09

Concrete 10

How-To Guide to Care for your COCOON Concrete Tub:

  • Only use mild non-abrasive cleaners. Do not use scour pads, which will scratch the sealer
  • Avoid products with high levels of PH, such as bleach, nail polish remover, etc.
  • Wipe down after usage; don’t leave moist or wet products directly on tub for long periods of time
  • Direct sunlight can lead to discoloration over time

Looking for a Quote for a COCOON Bath Tub?

Each concrete tub product by COCOON is custom, made-to-order.  The production is 6 – 8 weeks with another 2 weeks for shipping, direct to your door.  To quote the price of the tub or bowl, we’ll need to add an export crate, plus include shipping costs, customs and duty fees.

For more information, email: or call 310-935-3229

COCOON basin in concrete