Luxury kitchens take the center stage in many modern homes and are considered the most important selling point in home buyers’ decision.  In fact, according to research, homes listed with “luxury kitchens” sell faster and command a higher selling price than similar-sized homes in the same ZIP code.

That’s why 80% of home remodeling projects take place in the kitchen, according to the National Association of Home Builder’s Remodeling Market Index survey.

Whether you’re an interior designer looking for inspiration or a homeowner thinking of designing their own luxury kitchen, you may not be sure where to start.

Read on for tips for luxury kitchen design as well as an inside look into some of our favorite faucets and hardware. Let’s dive in.

Prioritize Choosing a Perfect Faucet 

Forbes deems kitchen faucets “perhaps the most overlooked, yet most critical function in the kitchen.” Why? Homeowners likely use the kitchen faucet dozens of times each day. This means that the fixture not only has to be aesthetically pleasing and cohesive with the rest of the design, but must be durable and functional as well.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite faucets.

MGS Cucina Vela SD 

This is the MGS Cucina Vela SD Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Spray Stainless Steel in Matte Gold. 

The VE-VD-KF-SSMG is made from premium materials, this Pull Down Kitchen Faucet offers great function and value for your home. This fixture is part of MGS Cucina’s Vela SD Collection, so make sure to check out other fixtures to accessorize your room.

Learn more about this piece on our website, here.

MGS Cucina Nemo

We’re thrilled to present the MGS Cucina Nemo RH Entertainment Faucet. Shown above is the fixture in Stainless Steel Matte Titanium. 

You can check it out, here.

 The COCOON Piet Boon Deck Mount Swivel Spout (PBSET11)

The PBSET11 is made from premium materials and offers great function and value for a home. This fixture is part of COCOON’s Piet Boon Collection, so make sure to check out other fixtures to accessorize your room!

Moreover, this piece is available in four finishes:

  • Gold (shown above)
  • Black
  • Brushed inox, and
  • Copper

Find more Piet Boon kitchen products.

What About a White Faucet? We Present Vola

Vola carries white faucets in two finishes: White 18 (a polished white) and White 28 (matte white). 

What is special about these pieces? Take it from Vola:

“​​The key elements of bathing are surfaces, taps, spouts and water. Water defines the experience but surfaces, taps and spouts can shape and steer the experience. Touch can transform everyday moments into quietly satisfying rituals that enhance the user’s relationship with the natural world and ease the complexities and stresses of contemporary life.”

Don’t Forget the Hardware

Choosing the right hardware can make a significant difference in achieving the look of your luxury kitchen. From cabinet knobs to drawer pulls to door levels, we understand there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to designing a modern kitchen.

One of our favorite brands is Designer Doorware. Let’s take a look at some of their pieces.

Designer Doorware recently joined Forte Brands Group. Forte sources the world in search of the best and most desirable hardware brands. 

The full product line can be selected by use, including: sliding/pocket/barn door hardware; external door hardware; interior door hardware; kitchen hardware; bathroom hardware; show door hardware. Let Specialty Hardware + Plumbing help guide you through the selection process from beginning to end of your project.


Bullet + Stone Concrete Collection

The Bullet + Stone collection by Designer Doorware introduces three fresh designs of concrete door hardware. The three door designs, including the Concrete Club Lever,  Concrete Niki Knob and Concrete Quad Lever, come in 18+ special finishes. 

Concrete Luna Greyconcrete collection designer doorware

The concrete appearance for the Bullet + Stone Concrete Collection will have variations of shade and color patterns. The finish is called “Luna Gray.” Custom finishes are also available upon request.

The Monte Timber Collection

The Monte Timber collection by Designer Doorware combines a touch of American white oak or American black walnut hardwood with a solid brass mount.

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