Designer Doorware: Finishes and Care

Finishes: Standard and Special

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Designer Doorware offers a wide range of finishes for hardware. Whether you are looking for entrance handles or interior door handles, Designer Doorware has the perfect product to complement your home’s design. Choose between brass, stainless steel, or timber materials for your hardware. 

Brass Standard

Special Brass

PVD Lifetime Finishes

Living Finishes: Care and Maintenance

Designer Doorware’s special finishes are handcrafted and colored. Designer Doorware’s hardware can vary in size, shape, and color because of the natural result of the process. Special finish hardware pieces are unique in character and provide depth and warmth to any room. 

Designer Doorware’s products are offered in nine living finishes that are created in multiple layers over natural brass. The living finishes age beautifully while they naturally tarnish. Designer Doorware’s products are easy to maintain to ensure years of beauty. Simply occasionally apply a pure, nonabrasive wax to prevent spotting buildup and buff the surface with a soft cloth. 

Caring for unlacquered polished or satin brass differs from other living finishes. Brass naturally tarnishes and ages quickly after being exposed to its environment. This creates a unique brown or grey-green color. Brass polishing compound applied with a soft cloth will restore the brass and remove the patina from the surface.

Plated Finishes: Care and Maintenance

Plated Designer Doorware products are very easy to maintain their beautiful finishes. Only a damp cloth used with a diluted, mild detergent is needed to remove stains or fingerprints. Incorporate this cleaning process in your general cleaning routine to avoid residue build-up that can cause discoloration to the finish. 

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Powder Coated Finishes: Care and Maintenance

Caution should be used when installing, handling, using, and maintaining powder-coated color finishes to avoid potential chipping. In order to clean Designer Doorware powder-coated color finishes, simply use a damp cloth in a mild, diluted detergent to remove stains and fingerprints. This will help maintain the condition of the finish and prevent residue build-up which can cause discoloration. If scratches appear on the hardware, use an automotive polish to work into sections of the hardware. 

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Timber Oil and Grain: Care and Maintenance 

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Timber hardware is protected by rubbing Scandanavian oil by hand over the sanded timber to enhance and protect the grain of the timber. This process provides naturally beautiful variations in shade and color to the hardware. Surface scratches and markings give character to the finished hardware pieces. 

The Scandinavian oil fades overtime on the timber hardware. To maintain the finish of the timber, the product should be oiled annually for interior doors and every three months for exterior doors. 

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Stainless Steel: Care and Maintenance

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Stainless Steel hardware is beautiful and hygienic, yet has the potential to rust when not properly cleaned. Regardless of the grade and finish of the stainless steel, there is the potential for discoloration and adhering grime on the surface. The surface of the stainless steel requires it to be clean to avoid surface contamination and the formation of deposits. Routine cleaning will leave your Designer Doorware Stainless Steel products spotless. Clean the stainless steel when it is dirty to maintain its original beauty. Simply wash the surface with soap or a mild detergent and warm water, followed by a clean water rinse to maintain the condition of the stainless steel. 

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