With the new year just a few weeks away, we have our eye on the hottest luxury bathroom trends for 2023. 

That’s right — today we’re talking about spa-like bathrooms with free-standing tubs, marble, concrete tubs and basins, elevated hardware and more. Let’s dive in.

Marble, Marble, Marble

Most luxury bathrooms have one thing in common: marble (and usually, lots of it!). Why? Marble represents luxury, glamor, and did we mention it never goes out of style?

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite marble pieces.

The PB Bath by COCOON

Designed to be a free-standing bath, each piece is unique and carved from a single block of marble (or natural stone, if you prefer). Piet Boon’s signature shape, the KEKKE, is recognizable by its rounded corners. 

Homeowners have the artistic freedom to specify their own custom bath from 10 different stones from COCOON. Learn more about the PB Bath by COCOON here.

The COCOON PB Cabinet 120

We’re proud to present this Chalk White Wall Mount Vanity, by COCOON. The PB-Cabinet-120-20-Chalk-White is made from premium materials, this Wall Mount Vanity offers great function and value for your home. This fixture is part of COCOON’s Piet Boon Cabinet Collection, so make sure to check out other fixtures to accessorize your room.

Shop it here.

Free-Standing Tubs

A free-standing tub can make a bathroom feel like a spa experience. No luxury bathroom is complete without the perfect tub.

At Specialty Hardware and Plumbing, we are big fans of concrete tubs. Why? Concrete tubs are:

  • Resistant to humidity
  • Versatile
  • Able to be paired with a range of accessories and fixtures
  • Long-lasting and incredibly durable

Learn more about COCOON concrete tubs, here.

We adore the Natural Stone Free Standing Soaking Tub from the John Pawson COCOON Collection (shown above). The tub, shown in Pietra Griggio above, is available in many shades, such as natural sand, for those who may love the tub but prefer a lighter finish. 

Concrete Basins and Sinks

Just like concrete tubs, concrete basins and sinks have become increasingly popular amongst designers. They have several positive characteristics, including:

  • Each concrete basin is unique: there will never be a solid block of the same finish color, due to the variables within this specialized concrete mix. If you are looking to achieve a more smooth surface, there is an option of “Polished Concrete,”  which gives the treatment an extra polish to smooth out the surface area.
  • Style and textural flow lines: the concrete mix is liquid when being poured into the mold, so textured flow lines are expected and can add to the unique look of the piece.
  • Strength and durability: Each concrete sink is pre-sealed before it is brought into the home. Users can expect the sink to last for decades –likely over 50 years, in fact – with the correct care and maintenance.

Let’s talk Elevated Fixtures

From bath fillers to drains to basin mixers, the details can make a significant difference in the design of a luxury bathroom. We recommend taking the time to find elevated fixtures that complement each other while allowing attention to the eye-catching pieces in the space: the vanities, tubs, and showers, for example.

Let’s discuss a few of our favorite fixtures. 

The Piet Boon 10 Spout

The Piet Boon 10 Spout (PB10) is a simple, yet elegant wall mounted tap, faucet or tub filler for your bathroom, kitchen, or even outdoor spaces. The PB10 offers the flexibility of pairing it with any of the Piet Boon mixers and now comes in different lengths for your design needs: PB13 – 130mm; PB18 – 180mm and PB10 – 220mm. 

The COCOON John Pawson Floor Mounted Bath Filler

From the award-winning John Pawson by COCOON Collection, this piece combines elegance and minimalism. Check it out, here.

White Fixtures and Hardware

Vola carries white faucets in two finishes: White 18 (a polished white) and White 28 (matte white). 

What is special about these pieces? Take it from Vola:

“​​The key elements of bathing are surfaces, taps, spouts and water. Water defines the experience but surfaces, taps and spouts can shape and steer the experience. Touch can transform everyday moments into quietly satisfying rituals that enhance the user’s relationship with the natural world and ease the complexities and stresses of contemporary life.”

Designing a Luxury Bathroom?

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing can assist with pricing, design options, and finish match recommendations. For samples and more – stop by our Beverly Hills showroom or send us an email for more information.

John Pawson fixture in silver over COCOON soaking tub

Now that you’ve successfully selected your made-to-measure, custom COCOON pieces, you’re ready to tackle designing the rest of the space. Bath fixtures can transform any bathroom into a luxurious and soothing sanctuary.

Since COCOON embodies a timeless, minimalist, and luxurious design, we suggest selecting fixtures that align with those same elements. 

Read on to how to elevate the bathroom space with fixtures that will complement your COCOON products without taking away from them. Let’s break it down, fixture by fixture.

To Complement Your COCOON Bathtub…

If You Are Styling a Piet Boon Free Standing Soaking Tub

Consider the COCOON Floor Mounted Bath Mixer with Hand Shower:  PB40

This chic piece, the newly released, PB40, was designed with the user in mind. The hand shower and faucet offer functionality in a sleek design that doesn’t draw attention from the tub.

Or, Was This Tub More Your Style?

Consider the COCOON John Pawson Floor Mounted Bath Filler

Spout Projection 400mm. Available in three different finishes. 

From the award-winning John Pawson by COCOON Collection, this piece combines elegance and minimalism. 

And Don’t Forget About Drains

The COCOON Pop-Up Waste Drain/Bath Drain

Available in 12 finishes, this drain allows the focus to remain on the main attention: that beautiful COCOON tub. 

Bathroom Faucets and Basin Mixers

Similar to the tub fillers and shower fixtures, bathroom sink faucets should accent the space without drawing attention.

If You Like The Look of the COCOON Bespoke Natural Stone Washbasin by John Pawson…

Consider the John Pawson Deck Mounted Mixer 

Spout Projection 280mm.

Or, If You Prefer This Look of the Monolith Basin by John Pawson…

Think About the John Pawson Wall Mounted Progressive Basin Mixer with 200mm Spout

This basin mixer brings a touch of Pawson’s elegant minimalism into any bathroom.

Shower Fixtures

Designers have a few elements to consider in choosing the best shower sets for a space. For instance, designers should keep in mind any functional or technical plumbing details that may affect the choice of fixtures as well as any requests from the client. Additionally, designers should match the fit and finish.

Designer bath manufacturers typically create a variety of showerheads, such as rain showers, handheld, wall-mounted, and recessed ceiling rain showers.

COCOON offers a few different selections to choose from, including the Piet Boon Collection, John Pawson Collection, and the COCOON Lab – Mono rain shower head. They are all distinct and designed to be modular, water-saving, and timeless.

Let’s take a look at some options.

The COCOON PB SET23THERM: A Best-Seller That Never Fails to Impress

Designed by Piet Boon, these thermostatic shower fixtures are made from AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel with PVD colors of gunmetal black, raw copper, and brushed inox. The exterior parts include a hand shower, diverter 2 outputs, and a thermostatic (U.S. compliant) mixer.

With decades of experience, and meeting the high expectations of our clients across the country, SH+P can offer COCOON showerheads in gunmetal black and dark platinum matte to be similar and stay within the modern, minimal design style.

Prefer a Lighter Look?

Let Us Introduce You to the John Pawson Complete Thermostatic Rain Shower Set

This set includes the stick model hand shower and the wall-mounted rain shower. We couldn’t resist showing off the brushed gold, but this set is also available in two other finishes, including brushed inox and dark gray.

Are You Ready to Accessorize Your COCOON Products?

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing can assist with pricing, design options, and finish match recommendations for the COCOON Collection. For samples and more – stop by our showroom in the Los Angeles area or send us an email for more information. 

Interested in Customizing Your COCOON Basin and Vanity?

Read on to our step-by-step guide on how to customize your COCOON Basin & Cabinet to create a COCOON Vanity, here.