U.S. Anti-Scald Protection: COCOON Offers Therm/Diverter for Shower Sets

Want to know how the COCOON Shower Set Therm/Diverter System Works?

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Specialty Hardware + Plumbing is the premier COCOON dealer in the U.S. and can help walk you through the selection process of ordering a COCOON thermostatic shower, in either the John Pawson or Piet Boon Collection.

Our expertise with the COCOON brand helps our clients choose the correct shower set-up with appropriate rough-in valves to meet U.S. plumbing codes and guidelines in certain states.  With showroom locations in California, we have experience with the strictest plumbing codes to pass building inspections.

Although COCOON is a European company, with manufacturing locations in Italy and the Netherlands, they offer U.S. shower set-ups and adapters to serve clients throughout the globe.

Why does the U.S. require Thermostatic Valves?

Anti-scald valves are used on plumbing systems to avoid hot water burns.  These valves (also known as mixing valves) mix cold water with the outgoing hot water to manually make sure the person using the water won’t be scalded. Thermostatic valves have two handles (COCOON will reference all shower and bath sets as THERM). One handle controls the volume (and diverters from shower head to hand shower) and the other handle controls the water temperature.  The advantage of thermostatic valves (other than the obvious of passing a building inspection and protecting from burns) is direct control of water temperature output – with a maximum temperature being at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

COCOON Shower Sets:

Award-winning and world renowned architects, John Pawson and Piet Boon, designed a complete range of bathroom collections for COCOON, including shower sets with varying options and finish choices.

John Pawson for COCOON:

The John Pawson shower collection includes:

This thermostatic shower system includes a JP rain shower, either as a ceiling shower or wall-mount rain head. You can also choose to create this set with a stick hand shower or the round hand shower.

The mixers are thermostatic, with a 2-way diverter between the hand shower and rain head.

The handle to the far left (has a small button on the back) is thermostatic and sets a fixed temperature.

The handle to the right is the diverter and volume control.  Handle sitting in the down position, it’s neutral and the shower is off.  Move it to the right, this is the volume control to the first function – hand shower.  When it’s all the way to the right, the hand shower is in full use.  Turn the handle to the left, this is volume control to the second function rain shower, when at left the showerhead is at full use.

cocoon therm shower

The JP SET25THERM and JPSET24THERM work the same way, with the left handle setting temperature and the right handle being the diverter between the hand shower and bathtub filler.

Ways to Customize your John Pawson Shower Set with COCOON:

Here at Specialty Hardware + Plumbing, we can help you design the COCOON shower of your dreams – and still make sure it meets the U.S. plumbing codes to pass inspection.

Whether you want a double-shower, or would prefer a standard shower head over the rain shower, we can help with the selection of trim parts to match the COCOON finish and the appropriate rough-in valves.

You have options now that COCOON has the JP01 Therm/Div thermostatic diverter valves.  You can also select a COCOON XXL ceiling rain shower from their MONO collection.

Just ask us how – we’re here to help: info@specialtyhardware.net

Piet Boon for COCOON:

The popularity of COCOON skyrocketed when Piet Boon of Studio Piet Boon, created taps and showers with a distinctive shape and finish options for the collection.  The line continues to evolve, and stay tuned for updates to the 2021 bath, basin and shower sets from COCOON.

PB therm22

Piet Boon Thermostatic (anti-scald) shower fixture options:

Finish trim options for Piet Boon:

  • Brushed INOX (stainless steel)
  • Raw Copper
  • Gunmetal Black

Finish trim options for John Pawson:

  • Brushed INOX
  • Dark Grey
  • Brushed Gold

What are the COCOON Standards?

All the COCOON shower parts are built using 316L marine grade stainless steel and are 100% recyclable.  They are durable and made of high quality alloying elements, chromium, nickel and molybdenum which can be easily recovered and returned to the production process.

Certifications: COCOON is known for their sustainable design and production. They are tested for safety by certifying institutes of the world, including TUV, WRAS, NSF and ISO (Green Label). Other Certifications include: NSF-61, ASME, A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, CEC, WaterSense, Mark and UP-Code.

What are the Water Flows for the COCOON Showers?

They meet California and the ‘desert state’ guidelines.  All U.S. water flows for the COCOON showers are the same, no matter what state they are being shipped to.

Shower Heads – 1.8 GPM

Hand Showers – 1.8 GPM

Faucets – 1.2 GPM

Tub Fillers – Free flow – no restrictions are required; Up to 5 – 8 GPM, depending on your water pressure

Are you Ready to Build your COCOON Shower ?

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing can assist with pricing, design options and finish match recommendations for the COCOON shower collection. For samples and more – stop by our showroom in the Los Angeles area or send us an email for more information.  

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