luxury hotel bathroom curated with COCOON products

Luxury hotels evoke feelings of calm, relaxation, and serenity… So, why wouldn’t designers want to capture the same essence in a home?

Designers and homeowners can take a series of steps to make a home feel like their favorite five-star hotel; these steps range from choosing fresh scents and soothing, neutral colors to donning chic shower sets and upgraded bathtubs.

Let’s talk about each of these steps a bit more.

Establish a Scent

Many luxury hotels brand themselves with scents. The same can go for homes. Bright notes can make a room smell fresh, clean, and luxurious. Common luxury-esque scent options include sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, lemon blossom, citrus, neroli, leather, and white tea.

Choose Neutral Tones

Minimal room in a luxury hotel room with neutral colors

Neutral tones are soothing and gentle on the eye. In addition, neutral tones carry a timelessness, whereas colors are more likely to go out of style or overwhelm a space. Most luxury hotels will not include many pops of color, especially red or yellow, and instead opt for color palettes including bone, white, and beige. 

Keep Scale in Mind

luxury hotel furniture with neutral tones

Many designers have made the mistake of trying to squeeze too many pieces into a small space, or, on the other hand, leaving too much room in a large space. Understanding proper scale and proportions can make a home evoke the luxury feel of a hotel without feeling empty or overcrowded.

Consider a Minimalistic Approach

When guests step into a hotel, they aren’t met with the usual clutter of a home, a collection of patterned pieces, or an array of bright colors. Minimalist design can help a home feel elegant and purposeful.

Design the Bathroom into a Luxury Spa

luxury hotel furniture with neutral tones and COCOON bathtub and features

Hotels are known for their spa-like bathrooms with plush towels, spacious showers, and luscious bathtubs. An elegant bathroom can completely transform a space.

Install a New Showerhead

Designer bath manufacturers typically create a variety of showerheads, such as rain showers, handheld, wall-mounted, and recessed ceiling rain showers.

Here are some of our favorites:


luxury hotel furniture with neutral tones, bathroom fixtures with COCOON, a black shower set

Designed by Piet Boon, these thermostatic shower fixtures are made from AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel with PVD colors of gunmetal black, raw copper, and brushed inox. The exterior parts include a hand shower, diverter 2 outputs, and a thermostatic (U.S. compliant) mixer.

The John Pawson Complete Thermostatic Rain Shower Set

luxury hotel furniture with neutral tones, bathroom fixtures with COCOON, a gold shower set

This set includes the stick model hand shower and the wall-mounted rain shower. This set comes in three finishes: brushed gold, brushed inox, and dark gray.

Consider Upgrading the Bath Tub

Installing a bathtub creates the opportunity to elevate a bathroom space. After all, a tub is one of the first elements that catch the eye and can make or break a bathroom design.

At Specialty Hardware and Plumbing, we enjoy the look of COCOON bathtubs. Why? COCOON tubs pair elegance and functionality with a design built to last a lifetime. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

The COCOON Atlantis Free-Standing Tub

Shown in the color “dust,” this tub is available in a variety of other finishes as well. These finishes include Earth, Pebble, and Shell. Learn more about the COCOON Atlantic Free-Standing Tub.

The COCOON Purist Free-Standing Bathtub With Pure Geometric and Smooth Details

luxury hotel furniture with neutral tones, bathroom fixtures with COCOON free standing tub in dark gray

This tub is available in natural stone and can include a recessed drain in the same material. Shown above in natural light grey, the COCOON Purist Free-Standing Bathtub is available in several finishes. 

Read on to learn about fixtures that complement COCOON tubs.

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