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As an interior designer, your job is to turn your client’s house goals into reality. However, this is often easier said than done. The process of transforming design ideas into a physical space requires innovation, patience, and determination.

Let’s explore some steps interior designers can take to make this process easier as they strive to bring their clients’ ideas to life.

Understand Your Client’s Lifestyle 

By taking the time to understand a client’s lifestyle, an interior designer can anticipate a client’s wants and needs within their home. For example, a client that works from home will have different needs than one who is using the house as a weekend getaway. Designers can use this information throughout their design process to balance functionality and style within the home.

Separate the Client’s Wants and Needs

Creating separate lists of the client’s “wants” and “needs” can help a client establish expectations as well as keep you focused throughout the project. Of course, you want to give your clients everything they want in their dream home but sometimes, clients have to make choices between different features they have in their home. Understanding their priorities and preferences at the beginning of the project is an important step in helping turn their dream home into a reality. 

Incorporate Your Client’s Specific Interests

As you get to know your client, take notes of their interests and preferences. For instance, if a client mentioned their favorite activity as a child was riding horses, consider adding a small horse statue into the design of their child’s bedroom. These little details can impress your client and turn the project into their dream home. 

Less Is More (Especially in a Small Space)

Interior designers may feel the need to add more to impress a client or to fulfill their own vision. However, unnecessary accessories can overwhelm a space. By removing these accessories, designers can make a space feel more like a home and focus on the client’s goals.

Stand Your Ground

Sometimes the way to help your clients achieve their goals is to stand up for your opinion. You may occasionally have to respectfully insert your opinion in order to create a cohesive style for their home. After all, your clients hired you for your talent and expertise. Your client will likely appreciate your professional touch once the project is finished.

Balance Cohesive Style and Purposeful Exceptions

A consistent style will make the home feel harmonious and unified. Designers can stay within a color palette and use complementing materials, patterns, and textures. Additionally, by implementing small, purposeful changes throughout the house, designers can make each room feel unique and fresh without straying from the theme.

Opt for Functional Furniture

Some of the most beautiful pieces are often some of the most uncomfortable. Designers selecting functional furniture can help to bring a sense of comfort into a home. In the case of dream homes, lasting comfort overrides trendy style. 

Don’t Overlook the Outdoor Space

Many interior designers may make the mistake of forgetting about the outdoor space around the home. By making changes such as adding in outdoor showers, designers set themself apart and build a complete vision for the home. 

For example, the COCOON Piet Boon Freestanding Shower

outdoor shower by COCOON in dark gray with accents of plants, a way to make client dreams a reality

Outdoor showers offer a minimalistic feel with a high-quality design to compliment the surrounding nature. Add an outdoor shower to your home’s design to connect high-quality design with nature’s serenity. Learn more about outdoor showers, here.

Don’t Forget to Believe In Your Vision

The interior design industry is expanding rapidly and designers are constantly looking for ways to impress clients, create innovative projects and outshine their competition. Remember to believe in yourself and your vision as you help clients bring their dream home to life.

Need a Little Inspiration?

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