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COCOON offers a 20-year warranty on their stainless steel and PVD taps and accessories. This is for residential use only. There is a 5-year warranty on COCOON’s solid surface basins, bathtubs, concrete material and natural stone products.
The warranty begins from the date on your invoice, and you must provide an original receipt. The warranty does not include natural wear and tear and is void if damage occurred during poor maintenance or installation.

COCOON Does Offer Replacement Parts for:

  • Thermostatic or mixer cartridges
  • Flow control cartridges
  • Ceramic disks
  • O-rings
  • Flow regulators
  • Check valves
  • Aerators
  • Flexible hoses

Warranty Exclusions:

Warranties are terminated if Products are not properly installed, maintained and used in accordance to instructions, manuals or cleaning advice.  Not limited to, neglect, intentional damage due to poor maintenance, damage due to pollutions, poor water quality, or calcification, damage by the use of detergents, removing products from their original installation location, damage due to Products being altered by a Third Party, or damage due to weather conditions (frost, extreme heat, moss, etc.)

Since most of COCOON products are produced with natural materials that have their own characteristics, that lead to the following criteria, conditions and specifics for warrant must be considered:

  • PVD colors applied on stainless steel may vary in color between components.  
  • Stone and wood are natural materials that are prone to variations in color, pattern and density that add to the beauty and charm of the material. 
  • Warranties do not cover color differences between samples and delivered products of natural stone, wood and concrete. 

Cleaning & Maintenance of your COCOON Bath Products:

COCOON faucets are made with anti-fingerprint technology, but they can still leave watermarks.  Never use aggressive detergents, bleach, scouring powder, steel wool or other harsh abrasives.  Wiping with a damp cloth and gentle cleaning agent is recommended. Any deposits of shampoo, liquid soap or body lotions should be rinsed away with water immediately. 

Care & Maintenance for COCOON Solid Surface Tubs & Basins:

Watch our video on how to clean solid surface material and buff out any scratches.

Care & Maintenance for COCOON Concrete Tubs & Basins:

COCOON recommends similar cleaning techniques used with their stainless and PVD taps.  Use a mild, non-abrasive cleanser for their lightweight concrete tubs and basins. Do not use scouring pads, as it can scratch the product and break down the sealer. Avoid exposure to high levels of PH, such as bleach and nail polish remover.  Do no leave wet products on the concrete for long periods of time. Direct sunlight can slowly discolor the concrete material over a long period of time. If a scratch occurs, COCOON can provide a refresh kit with simple instructions to fix any damage. 

For additional help and information, please contact COCOON Beverly Hills.