What finishes does CEA offer for their bath and kitchen faucets and fixtures?

100% Stainless Steel – Satin or Polished – CEA uses AISI 316L for all its taps.  AISI is “American Iron and Steel Institute”.  L stands for low carbon and prevents impurities from penetrating the alloy structure. AISI 316L stainless steel is very resistant to corrosion and ideal for bathroom and kitchen areas.

What are the Top Benefits of CEADESIGN’s Stainless Steel Bath Taps?

  • Sustainability and environmentally friendly
  • Cold working methods for manufacturing
  • No hot melt treatment or thermal overheating
  • Long-term life of the products
  • Durable and 100% recyclable

What finishes, besides satin or polished stainless steel does CEA offer?

Black Diamond is an exclusive CEA black finish for stainless steel resulting from a deposition process through evaporation.  It emphasizes the natural qualities of the material and highlights the satin or polished finish. A biocompatible film based on graphite and diamond powder increases the gloss and hardness of the finish surface. This results in resistance to acid, basic solutions and solvents, plus safety from scratches and water lime scales.

Bronze, Copper and Light Gold finishes by CEA are stainless steel that emphasizes the natural qualities of the material and highlight the satin or polished treatments.  For these finishes, CEA produces a deposition process through evaporation which guarantees a hardness and the gloss through a biocompatible film that coats the steel surface.

Black Ivory Satin finish was made exclusively for the SIXTY project, a collection of taps and bathroom accessories are made from 100% stainless steel  The color is a reflection of the finest variety of coffee, a perfect union between materiality and tones of travertine titanium marble. 

The four Wood Essence finishes by CEA include: Oak, Burma Teak, American Walnut and Wenge. These wood finishes can be found in the Giotto, Ziqq and Bar collections by CEA Design. The steel and wood combination continues to characterize the design experience of the company and connections to environmental awareness. Mature solid woods are sourced from certified forests, treated with patented water-based and solvent-free varnishes. Similar to stainless steel, the wood is durable and holds up to extreme temperatures and humidity.

What colors are available for the hand shower hoses by CEA Design?

CEA offers a wide range of RAL colors to go with their hand shower and hoses.  You can choose from colors that are part of the RAL color code, including:

  • White – RAL 9016
  • Air Force Blue – RAL 5014
  • Cobalt Blue – RAL 5013
  • Anthracite Grey – RAL 7043
  • Quartz Grey – RAL 7006
  • Silk Grey – RAL 7044
  • Black – RAL 9004
  • Aqua Green – RAL 6027
  • Petroleum Green – RAL 5020

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CEA Bath & Kitchen Faucets

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing is proud to be a U.S. distributor of CEA bath & kitchen faucets. CEA was established in 1984, with the acronym of “Center for Alternative Energy”, CEADESIGN is known worldwide for their traditions, competence, and engineering reliability.  The headquarters for CEA sits between the mountains of Valsugana Valley, Italy in an energy efficient building that reflect the surrounding natural beauty.

CEADESIGN operates in three distinct areas, including CEADESIGN headquarters and production facility in Prove del Grappa, Italy; CEA Milano in Milan, Italy and CEA Ghent in Gent, Belgium.  In line with the principle of energic sustainability and social responsibility, CEADESIGN manufacturers products with the choice of low environmental impact.  The buildings where the products are made are constructed with renewable energy, recycled water and an intelligent ventilation system.  From the production area to the warehouse, showroom and personnel offices, each space reflects the natural elements of the outside environment with the use of wood and glass materials.

CEA Design: Top Products

As a local distributor for CEA Design in the U.S.A, we have expertise for code compliant plumbing fixtures and availability of top products for CEA. Let us help you with your plumbing schedule. Here are the top categories.

Top Principles of CEADESIGN

Technological Innovation:

CEA, also known as, “Centro Energie Alternative” invests in research and development of technological solutions for project design. The origins of CEA Design expertise can be traced back to experiences in the plumbing industry, installation and architectural demands. CEA bath products aim to support construction work through simplification of installation and long-term operational results.  CEA has several industrial and utility patents that enable a flexible approach to construction planning.

Culture of Product:

With each real-life experience, CEA takes feedback and creates new product ideas. With constant themes of technological innovation, sustainability and aesthetics being the founding elements of research and development.  Product training is organized with architects, design studios and CEA re-sellers.

Timeless Design:

The collections of CEA bath and kitchen faucets have simple and linear geometry to demonstrate a deep knowledge of design with architecture beyond time.  Tap designs and collections from top architects and designers, who have total freedom to chose their style and shape their ideas into reality.

100% Made in Italy:

CEA production facility is in the Bassano del Grappa district of Northeast Italy.  This part of Italy is a worldwide renowned area, known for mechanical engineering traditions, where quality and reliability derive from local synergies.  The production process of CEA Design is characterized by precision and manufacturing engineering: simplicity and craftmanship guide innovation and sustainability.


CEA produces their bathroom faucets and fixtures in AISI 316L stainless steel, which is a recyclable and high performing material. The raw material has low levels of carbon, so CEA does not need the use of hot melting, painting, galvanic treatment or other chemical processes to produce.  By producing the CEA tap ware this way, it does not release any toxic elements, and can be totally recyclable.

Eco Friendly:

Since CEA uses AISI 316L stainless steel, it’s a durable and hard material, which guarantees a long life.  The products are resistant to scratches, nicks, external agents, salt and sulfurous waters.

Water Saving:

In the CEA Design product range, water flow can be adjusted with aerators and limiters with progressive cartridges. Especially in the state of California, where CalGreen laws need to be met, CEA taps are water-saving and can meet code.

Low Environmental Impact:

At the CEA production facility, they adopted cold working methods and CNC machines for stainless steel manufacturing. All the energy that powers production is certified clean and water is saved, with waste separated to be recycled.  This reduces the impact on the ecosystem. 

Want to learn more about CEA’s Bath Products? Please reach out to Specialty Hardware + Plumbing for your quote today.

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