The Modern Bidet Toilet: Spotlight on AXENT

AXENT Intelligent Toilet

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AXENT.ONE Plus Intelligent Toilet

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing is excited to announce our featured brand AXENT. The AXENT Intelligent Toilet from Switzerland is the modern bidet toilet. AXENT designed the modern bidet with the future of bathrooms in mind. AXENT recognizes the need to lower water usage, save time and space, be eco-minded, and have high-tech functions. The toilet of the future is the modern bidet toilet. AXENT toilets bring style to your bathrooms, with all of the high-tech functions you can desire. 

Environmentally Concious Bidet

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The AXENT team has the vision to become the world’s most innovative provider of sanitary technology. AXENT’s products use water efficiently and sensibly. The I-FLUSH water energy storage flushing system has created a new line of tankless toilets and reduced the amount of water used. These modern bidet toilets are designed with attention to detail from the materials used to the product design. AXENT extensively tests its products to provide the best possible options for its customers.

AXENT.ONE Plus Wall-hung Intelligent Toilet


AXENT.ONE Plus Intelligent Toilet

The AXENT.ONE Plus wall-hung intelligent toilet was inspired by Europe and Asia’s condensed urban homes. This intelligent toilet has a minimalistic design that is wall-hung, saving precious space and creating an inviting bathroom. The toilet does not touch the floor, making cleaning your bathroom a breeze. The AXENT.ONE Plus is adjustable in height to meet your design needs.

Designed by Italian architects and designers, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, the AXENT.ONE collection pairs extreme design innovation with elegance. This bidet requires over 25% less ceramic and water waste compared to traditional toilets. Lastly, the environmentally-friendly bidet cleansing features reduce the amount of paper waste.

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