JPSET24THERM  – COCOON John Pawson Thermostatic Bath Fixtures with Wall Mounted Bath Spout  

COCOON Brushed Gold Bath

The COCOON Wall-Mount Spout and Thermostatic (U.S. compliant) bath fixtures were designed by John Pawson and created in AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel and PVD coated in Brushed Gold, Dark Grey and Brushed Inox.

The bath set comes with wall-mounted bath spout and your choice of either a stick hand shower or round hand shower. The thermostatic and 2-way diverter is complete with advanced build in system BOX13 with U.S. adapters for easy installation.

The JPSET24THERM is available in three finishes; Brushed Inox, Brushed Gold and Dark Grey

Made with NANO anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial coating.

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100% Recyclable

The 316L stainless steel which is made for the COCOON ‘brushed Inox’ bathroom faucets is 100% recyclable. The main alloying elements of chromium, nickel and molybdenum can be easily recovered and returned to the production process. COCOON believes that stainless steel recycling is an economically viable, self-sustaining process.

Eco Friendly Products

Selected for their durability and quality, the materials that COCOON uses for their taps, basins and bath guarantee a long life span and are eco-friendly. Not only because the material itself is recyclable and lead-free, but also because they use special water saving techniques to keep the carbon footprint as small as possible.

Low Environmental Impact

COCOON is proud to only use cold working methods for stainless steel and solid surface material tubs and basins. The energy that powers the production is certified clean. Water is saved and waste is separated to be recycled, which reduces the impact of the company on the ecosystem.

Lead Free Taps

The internal and exposed parts are made of 316L stainless steel. For projects in California and Vermont, where there are special requirements for California Health and Safety Code (AB 1953) that concerns lead in potable water systems, COCOON can deliver 100% stainless steel build-in valves for the wall mounted basins to be fully compliant to these standards.


COCOON became an important reference within the sector for sustainable design and production.  The stainless steel tap ware collection are certified for performance and safety by the most renowned certifying institutes of the world, including TUV, WRAS, NSF and ISO (Green label).

Other certifications include: WRAS, NSF-61, ASME, A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, CEC, WaterSense – Mark and UP-Code.

The products meet the requirements of the directive UNI EN 817:2008 and are tested for dimensional characteristics, leak tightness, pressure resistance, hydraulic performance and mechanical strength under pressure.