Bullet + Stone Concrete Collection

Designer Doorware celebrates a new collection of concrete door hardware in three designs. The versatility of concrete gives architects and designers a new realm to explore when it comes to adding a contrasting aesthetic to projects.

The Bullet + Stone Collection was designed by Designer Doorware and manufactured in Australia. The three door designs, including the Concrete Club Lever,  Concrete Niki Knob and Concrete Quad Lever, comes in 18+ special finishes. The collection can be personalized for any contemporary and modern interior or exterior design.

Concrete Luna Grey

The concrete appearance for the Bullet + Stone Concrete Collection will have variations of shade and color patterns. The finish is called “Luna Grey”. Custom finishes are also available upon request.

concrete collection designer doorware

Specialty Hardware + Plumbing:

SH+P has the largest display of Designer Doorware, including the full Bullet + Stone Collection. As the premier dealer in Southern California, we work with home-owners, architects, and interior designers to specify door hardware.

For finish samples and pricing, contact us! 310-659-9351 info@specialtyhardware.net

How-To Take Care of Your Concrete Door Hardware by Designer Doorware:

In order to remove any stains or fingerprints, you may use a soapy water and clean cloth.  For more stubborn stains, try using a light abrasive chemical compound, such as Ajax or Windex. The harsher cleaning products could wear down the sealer, so it’s best to avoid those.

Concrete is a porous material (just like granite and marble), so it is susceptible to marking and stains. Designer Doorware uses a sealer to fill in the pores of the concrete, which helps to protect it. It is recommended that stains be treated quickly, so it has less time to settle in and penetrate the concrete finish.  The products can be resealed on-site if it’s required.

Concrete is very durable and generally should not have any issues with cracking or chipping.  The corners of the hardware are vulnerable to hard impacts from blunt objects, but this is atypical. We advise that chopping or dragging sharp objects across concrete products should be avoided.

For commercial and retail settings, re-sealing will be recommended every 5+ years. For residential use, re-sealing is recommended every 10+ years.

The concrete material used for the Bullet+Stone collection by Designer Doorware is approximately 4x lighter than brass.  The warranty is a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for components valid on any material or workmanship defects.

Designer Doorware: Special Finishes

  • Antique Brass Medium (ABM)
  • Antique Brass Dark (ABD)
  • Black Chrome (BC)
  • Satin Black Chrome (SBC)
  • Florentine Bronze Medium (FBM)
  • Florentine Bronze Dark (FBD)
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)
  • Polished Brass Unlacquered (PBU)
  • Satin Brass Unlacquered (SBU)
  • Weathered Brass Light (WBL)
  • Weathered Brass Medium (WBM)
  • Polished Nickel (PN)
  • Satin Nickel (SN)
  • Powder Coated Color (PCC)
  • Powder Coated Color Satin White
  • Powder Coated Color Black Ace
  • Vapour Black
  • Black Satin (VBS)
  • Timber: American White Oak Raw
  • Timber: American White Oak Oiled
  • Timber: American Black Walnut Raw
  • Timber: American Black Walnut Oiled